Recently, arkOS has started a crowd funding campaign to explain how data is sharing on the internet by the individuals. Earlier websites, e-mails and cloud data such as calendars, contacts, and files are shared by the users on the Internet via centralized platform services such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Rediff, Orkut, Twitter, Dropbox and many more.
There is no competitive alternate of these services, available to the users as users are more concerned with the issues of privacy and safety and with this they also wanted to remain in close contact with their friends and family members. The main objective behind launching of this campaign is to provide great level of security and privacy to their internet users. arkOS said after the successful completion of this campaign, they will go to offer many of the exciting new features, such as email hosting, compatibility with the Tor network, and much more. With this, they will also radically improve the stability of the main applications and make it possible to run them on a much wider scope of hardware.
arkOS provides you with an independent solution for hosting your own data, and most of the times it provide you this facility from your own home on the hardware, which is available at a very cheap price and through its associated outreach program The Citizen Web Project. The company will bring everything at your place and under your control. You don’t need to worry about the kind of data you have – images, webpages, files, photos, emails or in any other form – it will make available all the data and other things at your home and under your control. arkOS consists of an operating system and software which allows the users to host the websites on their own from beginning to end.
The arkOS framework uses those services which are already available for Linux and provides a streamlined and intuitive interface to manage them and for this you don’t need to touch the command line, and no need to be an IT expert. arkOS provide you with several benefits such as it allow you to run your self-hosted server in a very easy way as a desktop computer or a smartphone, ease-of-use and with great level of security and privacy of its users. It includes an automatic firewall, restricting access from certain networks or people to whom the user does not want, and integrated defense system that anticipates intrusion attempts and employs countermeasures against them.
Data security is an important issue these days from the large platform services for end users but with these users also wanted to share some important things with their friends and family members. When your data is stored at one place, for eg. in Google, it provides a ‘single point of failure', which is a terrible tactic from the point of view of security. arkOS will decentralize these structures as it is putting all your data at your home and under your control. Famous web services like WordPress and own Cloud on very cheap and power-saving Raspberry Pi microcomputer run properly as they are released by an alpha version of the software.
Nexcess, a leading company of WordPress, Magento, and Expression Engine hosting, recently announced it rank 245 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500. It shows that Nexcess comes on the 245th position among the 500 fastest growing companies in North America, which belong to technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology. During this period, Nexcess grew around 388 percent. During the period of economic recession, the company has grown very well which strongly indicates the outstanding performance of the company and its core commitment in offering their hosting solutions to their customers, especially for the e-commerce sector.
The company is also feeling very proud as they are recognized as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the US. The company was founded over a decade ago and is showing consistent growth from its starting period to till date. It is currently providing hosting services from two wholly owned data centers in Southfield and Dearborn, Michigan, in addition to international operations based in the UK and Australia. The companies which come under 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 companies are those which face tough competition in the market through innovation.
In 2013, Nexcess brought improvements to their Magento eCommerce hosting platform, as it has added new and more powerful Secure Isolated Platform servers and augmented eCommerce cluster packages. Nexcess has developed Turpentine plugin for Magento and released it which helps Magento users to get the advantage from the performance gains of using the Varnish web accelerator with their eCommerce store  and Nexcess has expand its optimized eCommerce and WordPress hosting services into Australia.