When you are looking for the web hosting providers, for hiring their services for your websites, first thing which strikes your mind, is definitely safety and security of your website. You are always looking for the providers, who may protect your website from hackers, viruses, worms or Trojan horses and keep all your data in such manner on your site, by which you may feel confident. So, here you go with few important things, which you need to consider, before choosing the web hosting provider.
  • First of all SSL Certificate is required to secure transmission of information to your website as it encrypt all of the traffic sent to your server.
  • Next you have to look for the data centers, means the location where the company’s servers are stored. You have to see whether the company is providing multiple data centers or providing strict access to those facility where the servers are housed and with this also search a lot about the servers, offering by the hosting companies.
  • It is seen that after getting so much security for the websites, still sometimes website is hacked by the hackers, so it is possible that you may face this situation in future and for this company’s customer service is there for you.
  • You need to look for the customer support which is available 24 hrs a day and by which you may get your problem resolve as soon as possible. Another point you must consider is company’s active malware scanning and virus scanning feature, which protect your server infrastructure.
  • To prevent the unauthorized users to access your website and to protect it from hackers also, you must look for the server which allows the administrator to set the permissions such as read, write and execute permissions, or any combination of these for file access on their site.
  • Last thing is of domain registration and for this you may have the option to hire this service of another company, who is specialized in registration of the domains. It is not necessary that you will avail this service of the same company.