Key Selling Points

  • High-bandwidth network solutions provider
  • Multihomed network backed by 7 top tier carriers and dozens of private peerings

Services Offered

  • Dedicated Server


Operations Manager: Tereza Hubkova

Data Center: 12 data center located across EU, US & Asia

What for Customers?

  • The company provides unshared 10GE ports to all its clients.
  • Provides efficient data delivery with low latency and zero packet loss
  • NTT fiber routes enabled: It increases network performance to many destinations across APAC, EU & US.
  • After joining NTT, implemented additional 100GE upstream ports, increasing its network capacity to 5Tbps worldwide

Latest News

  • Adds TIER 1 carrier, NTT communications transit to its network to further expand its global network. NTT joins Level 3, GTT, Cogent, Core-Backbone, M247 and Blix Solutions as the 7th transit provider on’s network. NTT provides high-speed, high-capacity IP communications for major countries in Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia. Also, provides an extraordinary environment for content, data and video transport through its worldwide infrastructure.