Cyscon's website Security Solutions: Cyscon SIRT TrustSeal!

  1. The rate at which cyber crime is increasing gives us a clear idea that website security need to be take very seriously.
  2. Many small companies shied away from having updated and fool-proof cyber security because of hefty charges involved. For them SIRT TrustSeal comes as a relief as it is cheap yet effective way of managing web security.
  3. If a website does not have proper security then it is possible that it is attacked and is displayed as some other website all together. This can result in black listing of the original website and this can be avoided by having web security measures in place.
  4. Cyber criminals all over the world are always looking out for websites that are not properly secured. If they find one then the website might get abused by phishing or there might be a malware download which will end up in wiping out the website itself. This can be avoided by having proper cyber security.
  5. The Cyscon TrustSeal ensures online safety and scans the servers for any sort of malware on a regular basis.
  6. If you are a website hosting company then you need to ensure that the websites hosted on your servers are never compromised. This can be done very effectively by using Cyscon TrustSeal which checks the system for any malicious code or malware and fixes it.
  7. One of the major threats to the online community and the internet is fake and bogus anti-virus products. Due to them any website can be at a risk without the owner of the website aware of it.
  8. Many major anti-virus companies have actually failed to curb their fakes and duplicates and this a very grave situation that poses massive amount of danger to the security of any website that depends upon a look alike of them.
  9. Cyscon claims that its product, TrustSeal can be totally trusted upon as it works with a number of trusted partners across the world.
  10. Many big companies are choosing Cyscon TrustSeal to ensure the safety of their websites as they find this product to be more safe and streamlined than others.