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Secure Home Network

Secure Home NetworkFamily security is utmost important and we do everything to keep the data secure and private. First comes our security than convenience, so we look for devices which offer both. The modern home security technology has gone beyond fire alarms or bursts water pipes alarms.

In this new technology era where IOTs are household necessity linked with wireless networks, the Internet safety and security is of prime concern. Even there are families where we can find multiple Internet connections. Each mobile with a separate data plan, dongles, and hotspots for laptops, computer and gaming devices and apart from that a broadband connection. Each network needs tools for the safe and secure Internet.

Planning a strategy to Secure Home Network

Secure Devices

  • Update: Prepare a list of devices which connect to the Internet. Check the firmware installed on them, and look for updates. Ensure that each device must have a latest operating system, browser, apps, and security software.
  • Change the default usernames and passwords.
  • Turn off Internet functionality when not coming in use.
  • 2F Authentication: Get SMS alert or code or Email, whenever the devices are accessed or logged in.
  • Use network-monitoring apps to check the devices using more bandwidth than expected. Send remote notifications about devices access.

Parental check

Almost all parents are possessive and want to provide extra care to their kids. No parent would like that its children deliberately or inadvertently access bad parts of the Internet. Hence without bringing in the knowledge of their children want to block, guard and control the content coming to their child.

Programs like Google Junior, KidRex, Koala Safe are available to assist concerned parents and provide an effective solution at a cheaper cost. These programs limit the searches and exclude the sites containing blocked keywords.

Why Secure Home Network?

  • Protect against cybercriminals intrusion.
  • In the last few months, news regarding DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) on corporations emerged, in which smart devices transformed into massive botnets.
  • WiFi configured for live streaming
  • Devices remotely controlled and accessed

Wifi Enabled Devices

  • Lamps, Smart Locks, Amazon Alexa, Thermostat
  • The lights are turned off and on with voice commands