The responsibility of Russian social media platform in Terror Propaganda

After being chased from Facebook and Twitter, internet army of ISIS is now fundraising on the Russian website VK, which claims Russian media investigation. Propaganda and media accounts that are linked with Islamic State like Iraq are being hosted by Russian social media platform. These accounts opened up in media after the terror group was thrown off U.S. social networking sites. Currently, VK website hosted two videos that include how Americans are being beheaded by ISIL. VK released the complete coverage of SITE Intelligence group on its website. VK resembles Facebook having 250 subscribers and is known for hosting media site of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Russia’s largest social network VK

Social networking website VK is the largest website in Russia. The website is available in different languages, however the popular among them is Russian speaking users. Recently the founder of the website was under attack and he claimed that now Russia’s largest social networking website is now under the complete control of President Vladimir Putin. According to a post published in VK CEO of the website Pavel Durov informed that he has been out from the website and now the website will be under complete control of Alisher Usmanov who is the richest man in Russia. Pavel Durov also informed that his ousting was due to his refusal to hand over personal details of users to the Russian Federal Security Service and his denial to shut down anti-corruption activist.
Unlike other social networking websites VK allow users to message contacts both publicly or privately. The website allows features like you can create groups, public pages, share images, audio and video posts published.

The repositioning of ISIL’s executive accounts to Russia

The reason why ISIL official relocate accounts to Russia highlights many issues. One of the main issue focuses on the government challenge face that combats the terror group’s online presence. Moreover the relocation also raises questions about government of Russia’s ability to stop the growing radicalization among its Muslim population which is rising exponentially.
Russian popular social networking website VK is consider as the prime location for ISIL for publishing propaganda and different announcements over the website. According to a report VK published videos of two Americans that were beheaded.

Behavior of the ISIL accounts on VK

In recent weeks Twitter in Russia has been cracked down. VK, the popular social networking website in Russia publish the promotional videos, magazines and other material of ISIL. According to regional experts it is believed that Russian officials are not formally behind the ISIL movement but they are turning a blind eye on terror groups. According to experts it is believed that VK (website) has been operated by ISIL’s leading disseminators for showing terror propaganda. Out of the 18 accounts 15 accounts officially present ISIL’s local branches that are in Damascus and Iraq.
If you want to know the terror propaganda of ISIL and you must visit VK and know the complete insight of terror in Russia!