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Social Media Hacking

Social Media HackingThe people relate the word ‘Hacking' as anti-social, illegal and which is intentionally done to harm. A layman doesn't have so much knowledge to differentiate between ethical and non-ethical hacker. So, hacker to him/her means who hack websites, banks, do card cloning, steal private data and do all other cybercrime-related activities.

On the contrary ethical hackers protect people and companies data and their activity is fully permitted by the hiring company. Nowadays, a new group is also emerging as ‘Grey hackers', who doesn't work on a salary basis.
It's a huge worry for a layman to know that these hackers hack individual social media accounts and sell the information to companies for their marketing activities.

Is it so easy to hack anybody's social media account? Maybe!, the media is full of such reports where data thieves breach into the server and got access to millions of records with private information.

The hosting companies release an advisory to their clients, not to lick any phishing-looking link, carefully check email spoofing. The customers unknowingly enter their credentials to phishing pages, which goes to hacker's database. Even hackers use attractive, eye-catchy, fascinating images to lure the visitors to click and that it, the visitor's device gets infected and finally comes under the control of a hacker, who can then read any message.
The social media companies are aggressive to control such kind of attacks.

Facebook – Page Publishing Authorization

(August 10, 2018) Facebook requires the US audience to go through an additional “Page Publishing Authorization” to make it harder for people to administer a fake or compromised account. It would require Page managers to secure account using two-factor authentication and verify location. The facebook would show a list of countries of the page managers and how many managers hail from each state.

The page Admin would receive notice at the top of News Feed directing to begin the authorization process. Once the authorization is submitted, only then, they would be allowed to post on Pages. It also informs the Page Admins to know why it is done and what steps they have to take. Hence, it would be more difficult for a third-party to hijack an account. Furthermore, these continued efforts would increase the authenticity and transparency of pages on the platform. Under Page History, it would show when the page merged with another. The company wants to prevent the organizations and individuals to mislead people by creating an account.

The Facebook found evidence of possible Russia-linked influence campaigns on its network to influence the U.S. midterms. The company removed 8 Facebook Pages, 17 Facebook profiles, and 7 Instagram accounts as a result of its findings.

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