If you want to start a business then, first of all, you need a good website, and for that, you require a good hosting plan. Linux server hosting and Windows hosting are the two most common options but “Which is the better option?” Is Linux hosting is better?

About Linux hosting

Linux is an open-source system or open-source software. It means that anyone can edit or utilize it to create other operating systems and due to this the base code is open to the public. Linux founded by the Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE. It is software which is like a Unix-Operating System based on the Linux-kernel that was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Linux is to be considered as a very efficient and effective operating system which possess many of the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) components and utilities which are found in Microsoft Windows and in the proprietary elements which most of them find useful because of the contributions of thousands of expert coders. It is very cheap to operate i.e. it may cost you less than Windows. It is known for scalability, stability, and speed. Thus it is going to crash less than a Windows server. It also supports different types of applications, software and programming languages including Perl, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.But Linux hosting cannot be used with some Microsoft technologies like Access, ASP or MS SQL, for these technologies you need Windows hosting server.

Linux hosting is best and secure for WordPress

The type of web hosting you use depends so much on the kind of software, which you will be running on your website. If we talk about particularly for WordPress users, then for them Linux is considered a better option than other hosting systems. It mainly happens due to WordPress is designed in such manner that it can run on Linux servers which typically possess PHP and MySQL installed. If you compare Windows server with Linux server to run WordPress on them, then WordPress can also run on Windows server with some adjustments required to be made to get the software to run as efficiently as it does on a Linux server. Linux is also considering as a good operating system for CGI and Perl scripts. Regarding security, there are some policies and practices of the hosting provider, and good WordPress hosting companies always keep them ready, and they already have prior arrangements by which they can secure their servers and protect their customers. So, is the case of Linux hosting.

And it is recommended, If you plan on using WordPress and not any other program, then Linux hosting plan to be considered as best served to host. And If you plan on using other programs, then you need to find the type of support and service offered by each operating system for those programs and then select the one which best fulfills your requirement.

Many people believe Linux Web Hosting as the best hosting solution because of its several benefits like; it provides reliability, reasonability, security, efficiency, and much more. Linux hosting uses open source software. It provides you more than one option i.e. multiple options to fulfill the requirements of hosting. PHP is considered to be one of the most popular languages for programming, and the good thing is this that it is compatible with Linux web hosting. People who are learning programming i.e. practicing programmers may also test new things with the help of Linux hosting. Thus it proves to be beneficial for programmers also. And at last the biggest advantage of using Linux hosting as we have read earlier also is that it is very cheap and affordable. Proprietary software’s are not installed and due to this overhead expenses are reduced in Linux hosting. If you choose Linux, you do NOT need to run Linux on your PC to host your site on the Linux platform. Which OS you run on your computer does not matter; even if you are running Windows XP, you can still use Linux to run your website.

Thus from the above, it is clear that Linux hosting is best and secure for WordPress.