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Best web hosting company for photography sites

One of my friends is a great photographer and he was looking for a provider who may host his own website meant for photography in a perfect manner. He wants a provider who may offer their best web hosting services to host the photography website. So, he search a lot on the web, do some research, read the reviews of many great web hosting providers such as Blue host, Go Daddy, Blu Domain and draw the conclusion that Blue host is the best one.

Recently, many leading web hosting companies are also compared by three to know which the best web hosting company is for the photographers or for the photography sites. And the results of the comparison also show that Blue host is considered as the best web hosting company for the websites meant for photography. Three offers the best hosting reviews for the best photography sites or for the companies which offers great hosting services for the websites meant for photography. These reviews are compared and they reach the conclusion that Blue Host is the most recommended web hosting company.

We all know that there is a continuous updation in the technology and it changes very quickly with the span of time and it affects everything so why not web hosting, as it is not an exception. Earlier it was found that Go Daddy was a good company which offers their best hosting services for photography websites as that time various web hosting features were added by the company so as to compete with the other existing web hosting companies available in the market. But with the passage of time, as some changes in technology occurs and with this Blue Host also improve their services in this context because photography is a great profession and they want to satisfy their clients who are having photography websites so they done some changes in their hosting features they offered and acquire now first position among all the companies in this context.

Blue host offers one click installation of Zen photo, Gallery, Coppermine and Piwigo.

Coppermine is a user friendly photo gallery script available with MySQL Database. It is a fast and feature rich gallery script which is easy to set up. Private galleries, templates, e-card and film strips are supported by the Blue host. The company also manage the users, create thumbnails on automated basis and supports features of e-card for the easy customization so as it can match with the rest part of a website.

If you want to build web application solutions for the purpose of sharing the photos and to support the same, you are required a gallery which is considered as an open source project offered by the web hosting providers. Galleries are basically built to create and support these web applications. Open source software licensed under GPL is build by the gallery project is developed and maintained by a group of developers and users. Here the development which takes place is a distributed effort in collaboration with the globe.

The websites which are self hosted and gallery focused got the support from the Zen photo, a content management system (CMS). People who are having professions like designers, illustrators, movie makers, artists, photographers, dancers , musicians etc. and who are having their personal websites as per these professions, for them Zen photo is an ideal Content Management System. Zen photo is having features which mainly offer support to different formats for media, custom pages and integrated blogs.

Piwigo is software meant for the photo gallery for the web created by the active group of developers and users. Piwigo can be easily customized due to its extensions. And the good thing is that it is an open source software which is available at free of cost.

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