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Dedicated Hosting Spotlight: Zenutech

If you live in Montreal, Canada, and you're looking for a dedicated hosting option nearby, you should take a moment to check out what Zenutech offers. This hosting company is based in Montreal, and Zenutech is also green-powered. Through a partnership with Hydro Quebec, Zenutech servers are sustainable  – 97% of Hydro Quebec's output is generated by water. It's hard to get much greener than that, but Zenutech takes it one step further: this company also reuses hardware and takes commuting to the next level.

Repurposing Servers

What happens when it's time to retire a server? Just like anything else, servers get old and rundown, and most companies simply toss those servers to replace them with new ones. But, that's not quite what Zenutech does. This company repurposes old servers. How? Simply by using older servers to power things that don't require so much energy. It's kind of like putting older server in a retirement community where there's no real demand. This way, Zenutech doesn't have to throw anything out, but the company can still keep all of its clients happy. That's a good thing, right?

Other Green Ways

Energy efficient lightbulbs light up Zenutech's offices, and company employees tend to commute through public transportation or by cycling to work when the weather is warm. This helps cut back on Montreal's smog issue, and it means healthier employees. In turn, healthier and happier employees results in better overall service for you! So, if you live in Montreal and you want a dedicated hosting option that's nearby, this one comes with high praises. But, what are Zenutech's packages like?

Hosting Package Options

These prices are competitive within the dedicated hosting sphere, and Zenutech is also well-known for great customer service. Every once in a while we come across a hosting company that deserves a bit of a shout out, and Zenutech is in our spotlight today. Do note that we do not have any affiliation with this company, we simply like what the company does where green initiatives are concerned – why not opt for a green hosting company?
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