We all heard about Linux, as it is a popular platform used for hosting sites. Moreover, a number of web hosting companies are offering their hosting services using Linux. The Good thing is that on the list, some of the companies are providing their hosting services for free of charge to their clients. One more positive point linked to these firms, they are trustworthy and reliable. As most of the users don't compromise with the feature of security or reliability, as it is of utmost importance and affect the profit severely. So, to save just a little money, they don't prefer cheap and unreliable providers. Considering this point of view, in this article those web hosting companies are covered who are offering their reliable services using the platform of Linux for free of charge. But before that, find a brief intro on Linux and Linux hosting.

Intro to Linux/ Linux Hosting

Linux is an open­source system. It provides with maximum scalability, stability, and speed. Different types of software, applications and programming languages such as Perl, MySQL and PostgreSQL gets an optimal support of Linux. It is a cost-effective platform.
Linux hosting provides with multiple options to fulfill the hosting needs. Features such as reliability, affordability, security, efficiency, and much more are offered by the same. Linux is compatible with PHP, one of the most popular programming language. It is a cost-effective platform, as it does not include overhead expenses because proprietary software’s are not installed. Linux hosting is good for programmers as it assists them in testing new things. With Linux hosting, User does not need to run Linux on his PC to host his website on the Linux platform. Which OS you run on your computer does not matter; even if you are running Windows XP, you can still use Linux to run your website. Linux hosting is suited to all the servers, whether dedicated servers, VPS or cloud servers.

Why Linux Server hosting free

Here question arises why some of the companies offering Linux hosting services providing their services for free of charge. The reason is very simple because some people prefer to use free web hosting rather than paid hosting. This is possible because maybe they are facing some financial crisis or their financial position is not very good. As everyone cannot afford an expensive web host. With this, start-ups or freshers are new to the world of hosting or due to lack of knowledge about hosting terminology and related aspects, they feel scared while spending money. So, for such type of users, free WordPress hosting is offered by websites like wordpress.com.