Safety and Security Of Your Website

Internet not a new word for all of us, we heard it on an almost regular basis as it is used everywhere and by everyone. It is a part of our daily life and we become used to it as it offers several advantages but remember with the plus points, minus points are always present with them. So, have a look.

1) Benefits and Drawback of Internet

There are several benefits offered by internet such as you are able to search any kind of info on different sites in a second, social networking sites to connect you with your friends and relatives sitting at a long distance, to send messages, pics, images, audio, video etc. via emails and other means in just a few seconds and others.

But there are some drawbacks also. A major issue is that your personal info available online may be accessed by anyone causing a threat to your security. IT Experts, hackers and with some tools now confidential and personal files can be easily accessed via hacking the website and other means of online safety attacks.

This means that websites are not completely safe and secure and this shows that there should be some responsibility of an administrator or an owner of the website towards them in order to maintain their security to a great extent.

2) Responsibility as a website owner or administrator

One of the major responsibilities on the part of an admin or owner is to provide assurance of the safety and security of the website to the visitors of the site. This is required so that they can visit the website without any apprehension in their mind and without any hesitation as if they do not feel safe they do not visit your site and this leads to your loss in several contexts.

But now the question arises in my mind, that which type of websites is mostly hacked by the hackers or more vulnerable to them.

3) Type of websites which are more vulnerable to hackers

The answer to the above question is websites which are mostly meant for online shopping and promotion. The websites which promote, sell or supply products and services online are mostly the targets of the hackers as they generate a large amount of traffic each and every second and also having personal as well as highly confidential information.

4) Ensuring that the website is free from any breach of security

The above shows that it is necessary that the website should be free from any breach of security otherwise site owner may lose their existing and new customers and their precious money in large amount. It is required that businesses which are engaged in offering online services must invest the resources in this direction so that they can keep their site safe from hackers.

5) What are the steps to be followed for ensuring website safety?

There are several ways by which we can ensure the safety and security of the website. One way is by the installation of the firewall. It checks your security on daily basis and prohibits any threat or risk as soon as it is detected. There is large no. of companies available which offer services with the firewall protection. And for these services, subscription rates are mostly affordable as this field is having a very tough competition.

During the initial stage of the development of the websites, web developers, web host companies and designers installed various software’s and tools so that site can be kept safe from hackers and cyber attacks. The programs installed initially are required to be updated on daily basis so that their standards can be maintained properly and to resolve the problems which involve a breach of safety.

Some web developers and security experts working independently are also hired by the companies who check the existing procedures of the company in the context of online security and if they found something wrong, they recommend later to improve and strengthen the security.

To enhance the website security, suggestions and feedback in the context of an appropriate type of web application required for the same are considered by the third party consulting organizations.