If you require a tool for content management which is a perfect balance of ease and power, the idea; the solution would be WordPress. It is perhaps most widely used content management system that is loaded with abundant features and plugins. In the blogging world, it is super popular. Also, it has gained incredible popularity as a content management tool. Even large websites and very popular ones use WordPress for their content management and also you can have a very pleasing experience of creating an exclusive blog using WordPress.

When you want to g ahead with hosting a WordPress website there are broadly two options with you: either you self-host the website or you avail the services of some web hosting company to host the same. If you choose the former then you need to use WordPress.com and if your choice is latter then you have to use WordPress.org from where one can download plug-ins and themes for the website.

WordPress is indeed a versatile tool and definitely does attract a lot of attention due to its advantages. Some of the major benefits that WordPress has to offer can be understood as follows:

  1. Extremely easy to handle: WordPress is perhaps the easiest of all. You do not need any prior technical knowledge to start using it. Just choose a plug-in and you are good to go. It makes for a very good choice for the beginners. If you have a blog then also adding new pages or pictures is very easy with WordPress. Formatting is not such a big headache and still the results are impressive. The interface of WordPress is very nice and easy to understand and work with.
  2. Anywhere management of the website: WordPress gives you the super convenience of managing your website from anywhere at all. This is so because WordPress is a browser-based tool. If you want to make any changes to your website simply log on to the internet and do what you need to.
  3. No additional software needed: With WordPress, there is no requirement of any extra software for it to run properly. You can do all sorts of things with your websites like formatting or upload images or any other type of file, easily.
  4. Improved SEO ranking: When a search engine looks at a website that uses WordPress, it is likely that it will give that site a higher ranking. This is so because coding done with WordPress is simple and easy to interpret for the search engines. Thus WordPress can be beneficial for the SEO ranking and hence the popularity of your website.
  5. Blogger's favorite: WordPress was initially designed for the sole purpose of blogging and thus it has a lot of features that favor easy blogging. Many features can be integrated into your blog with zero tension.
  6. No scalability problems: When using WordPress, growing is not a problem. As your requirements will increase, you will need to extend your website. Doing this is easy with WordPress.
  7. Support of community: WordPress is an open source software. This means that there is a very large online community that backs it. There is any number of forums that are there to provide you with suggestions when you need them.

There is any number of websites that run on WordPress. Some of the big websites on the internet are using WordPress today. WordPress being stable and easy to scale up is preferred over others. Some of the big names that use WordPress today are:

  • BBC America
  • Sony Music
  • Bata
  • Mozilla Blog
  • Tech Crunch

The list is very long and shows that WordPress is very good and dependable.