Web hosting services help an individual to upload his website universal, help and manage his website as well. If an individual's website is full of various data which has all the content, he would like to distribute on the World Wide Web. Then web hosts will render space to his website on their servers with connectivity via their data centre. Simply an individual is hiring server space and connectivity via web hosts. This is what a web hosting service provider & a user's role in web hosting.

Various platforms

There are two types of platform usually available for web hosting; these are Windows and Linux. These web hosting platforms are independent of the operating system individual uses. If an individual has a static website which is made of HTML and CSS, then he can host his website on both the platforms. The choice of the platform would be majorly based on the type of scripting language an individual employ for his website. This is principal because of their bequest with a precise platform. For example, if an individual uses PHP and MySQL for his website then he should idyllically host his website on Linux. On the other hand, if his website has been made using another script like ASP.net, ASP, SQL or Access then windows will be an apparent choice for him.
Linux has emerged as one of the most used web hosting platforms. Advantages of Linux Hosting are numerous as well as it has few disadvantages also.

Protected and steady

Linux is known for its stability and security aspects. Linux web hosting furnishes an individual vigorous platform in requisites of data protection and dependability.

Trouble-free backups

It is incredibly essential to have a backup for a website especially when it gets access to non-superfluous links. Linux renders the best in class and easy backup facility from end to end inherent tools.

Fundamental strategy

Via Linux web hosting individual deals with the array of fundamental plans surrounding FTP access, Common Gateway Interface, which is more ordinarily known as CGI scripting, MySQL services along with email services and SSH access.

Effortless Administration

Linux offers simple administration remuneration as well which is not available in other web hosting platforms. It does that without any means of another software tools.

Technical hold up

Linux platform comes with an attitude of providing solution ability and problem-solving function to its users. Making it reliable, technical support and service which is offered by Linux is best in class.

Little expenditure

Linux being an open source platform charges an individual far lesser in terms of setup, software and monthly costs making it a most preferred solution.

Domain awareness

However it cannot be called as a major demerit but having inadequate knowledge of Linux can be disadvantageous.


As discussed earlier, websites which are developed keeping windows as its native platform may have problems to handle with Linux bringing out a compatibility issue. Off late this problem is solved in a way with usage of ASP.net.


Linux web hosting has its advantages as well as disadvantages, but it always has superior facilities than other platforms in terms of its open source planning. The web scripts which are presently ruling the straighten out of web design and development seem well-matched with Linux Web Hosting making it a most preferred platform in the present available variety of web hosting services.