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Plesk Dedicated Server

Plesk Server Administrator essentially helps the administrators to deliver their products better and faster to their clients using the server management tools. This multi-platform web-based Plesk dedicated server makes administration of Linux based servers simple and automated.

This is a very simplified system to be used by end users. It allows them to create and operate several domains, and allows for efficient management of a variety of email accounts, even for those who are not very technologically comfortable.

Plesk dedicated servers are basically ideal for any sort of web administration. They have been specially designed for operating internet based businesses and are ideal for selling, reselling, publicizing, etc.

Plesk dedicated servers operate through a three-tier administration system which makes it convenient for use as all functions are neatly sorted out at their respective levels. With the help of this server the Plesk Hosting Operation, Plesk Hosting Accounts, and Plesk Reseller Hosting Account can be started.

The three tiers in Plesk dedicated servers are as follows:

  1. Administration Level: this is the highest level at which this kind of server functions. Here the administrators can set up and manage the system using relay parameters, DNS server templates, and control panel configurations.
  2. Reseller Client Level: at this stage, domain levels can be set, mail accounts and databases can be managed, domain tools such as Webalizer can be set up, and other controls can be affected such as setting up of traffic allowances, etc
  3. Domain Owner Level: a wide range of complex and simple tasks can be performed at this level, beginning with the creation and management of email accounts. New users can be created within the same domain, FTP services can be used, and databases can be created and managed. At this level, one can also gain access to the domain statistics. Protected SSL and even non SSL directories can be created and SSL certificates can be administered to them.

Finally, Plesk makes for an ideal server for web hosts throughout the world for sharing any virtual content. The management of the server is extremely simple and a large number of automatic tasks can be performed with its help.

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