About Joomla

  • Value: Very powerful, user-friendly, open source and easy to use content management system (CMS)
  • Customization: Very useful in building customized websites
  • Compatible: Works fine on any server having Apache, PHP, and MySQL
  • Superior Backend: Convenient to control and administer the website
  • Templates: Lot of native templates available to create a professional website
  • Mobile friendly: Bootstrap framework available to make the website mobile friendly i.e. website opens fine on any mobile, Tabs or Desktop PC.
  • Plug-ins: Lot of Functionality added to a website through thousands of plug-ins available for Joomla
  • Support: Hundreds of techies available on Joomla Communities also online tutorials available at ‘Joomla.org.'

Joomla Hosting

Enterprise-Class Joomla Web Hosting Solutions

CPWebHosting provides top-notch Joomla solutions. We offer new clients an automatic Joomla installation directly at signup. Existing hosting account owners can install Joomla with one single click of the mouse. With CPWebHosting, you can get a Joomla hosting plan together with a brand new domain for just $2.75/mo.

100% Joomla-Compatible Web Hosting Servers

  • Upload your Joomla-based website to the World Wide Web in a jiffy with CPWebHosting!
  • A 1-click Joomla script installation
  • Cost-free Joomla web design skins
  • A Joomla-optimized hosting platform
  • CPWebHosting meets all criteria for hosting Joomla-based websites.
  • The most current editions of Apache, MySQL & PHP
  • CPWebHosting offers an outstanding customer service.
  • 24×7 tech support
  • The average trouble ticket response time is approximately 20 mins.

Other Joomla Resource

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