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Steps to make your Business website look more professional

There are millions of websites on the world wide web and when you think of adding one more to it, it will definitely be a task to make it stand out from the crowd, to make it get noticed. Today the most sought after websites for designing are the business websites. Every minute there are numerous new businesses mushrooming all over the globe, and going online. There is an unprecedented race amongst them to attract as much online attention as possible. They have a fully loaded arsenal for it, stuffed with themes, informative content, color schemes, multimedia, super features and apps and so on.

It is actually possible that despite of all these tools by your side, you may still end up with a website that spells disaster and looks appalling. Every business man should try to avoid a website that is cluttered or clunky. It has to be enticing and should leave an impression that will make people come back to it. It should convey the essence of your business and should be in sync with it. It might sound like a tough nut to crack but it is doable.

Here I give you some simple tips that will help you to design a such website for your business which will be professional, elegant and informative. It will have the wow! factor. So follow these steps and you shall not falter:

Chose the color scheme wisely

While selecting colors for your website, remember that want your website to be alive and vibrant but you don't want the colors to be distracting or clashing with each other. The website should be pleasing to the eye of the beholder. It will be an intelligent idea to use lighter colors for a business website. It will also be wise to have a color scheme that is complimentary to your business logo. The color of the background and that of the text should be such that the text can be read easily. You do not want your potential customers to squint their eyes or get a headache trying to read your website.

Navigation should be easy and smooth

When you are at the planning level while building your website, give sufficient thought to the layout of your site. The site plan should be easy to navigate. Nobody likes to surf a website where you need to visit ten pages before you reach the content /information that you are actually looking for. So do not experiment here and have a simple yet all inclusive menu bar at the home page itself. My vote goes to the humble horizontal menu bar. Have all the prominent sections of your website listed properly on it. This makes navigation easy.

Properly share the website space between multimedia and text

You definitely do not want a boring website with no action. So throw in some pictures may be a video but carefully. This is surely going to add a flavor to your website but overdoing it might just rob your website from the decency level it requires, being a business website. Another important term that needs some heed here is white space in your website. The site visitors' experience becomes delightful if he easily finds what he needs. A healthy canvas is one in which there is sufficient white space to make it readable and not crowded with stuff.

Sometimes keeping it minimal is the key!

An accurate Contact Form is a must have on your website

If you step into the shoes of your potential customer viewing your website and wanting to do business with you, you will immediately figure out what will be the most crucial information he will be looking for. Yes, it will be, how to contact you. Thus the importance of contact form. It is essential that you give clear ways in which the customer can contact you; email, phone number or a standard contact form. A contact form which is clean and simple and short is a very effective way of communication between the two parties. But it is equally important that these contact forms are answered properly and timely.

Make sure your website is blazing fast

We are talking serious business and professionalism here and nothing spoils that better than a sluggish website. Your website has to be loading at flashing speeds always or else the customer will “move on”. To ensure speed firstly you need a good web host. Do not hesitate to invest in a good web host, it will have its benefits. Also, un-clutter your website of anything like buttons apps features or images that are of no use. They just slow your website and frustrate the visitor. Make it lighter by having compact images.

I hope after going through these points you will have a perfectly designed business website which will look professional and will increase the possibility of conversion of a visitor in to a customer by many folds.

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