Cybertize provides domain services, web hosting, and email services at very competitive prices. Its secure environment protects against attacks or fraud. This company works with RS Marketing, LLC, so if a consumer takes services from Cybertize, then he is in some way seeking services from RS Marketing, LLC. The company offers a range of services including storage, data security, transmission, presentation of information but these services have some limitations. It provides 24/7 technical support through raising tickets. Therefore customers will not get quick support as it takes time. Apart from this, Company has introduced various hosting features such as Cpanel, equipped with IP blocking to protect sensitive data, hosting plans supported with programs like Os-commerce, Joomla. : Company Overview furnishes web hosting, email services and domain services to its many customers. Responsible to protect & gives best services as much as possible to them and to furnish the best services available to its customers. In this order, it provides a secure environment and to help protect against fraud when current IP address is being logged. There are few steps in, which a person is required to go through, if he wants to choose First Step is to select product, second step is Domain options, third step is configuration, then comes fourth Step which says that confirm order & next step is last one that is fifth step & it is checkout. With these few steps, it is quite simple & easy for a person to register with It gives web hosting services at reasonable price.

Reliability & performance

With software training, cPanel and Fantastico Deluxe installer, becomes reliable. With knowledge base, it helps to organize hosting into different categories which makes it to perform well. It does not guarantee to possess the most current copy of a client`s website. This proves a trustworthy web hosting service provider because it clearly mentions what it offers. There is nothing like, it is hiding its terms & conditions & will tell its customer afterwards. This makes it quite dependable.

Hosting plans

There are various hosting plans available with They are CyberMini, Cybertize, CyberPro, e-Commerce, Content management systems and blog hosting. These hosting plans are supported with programs such as Joomla, Os-commerce, etc. also provides email and web hosting. Dedicated IP availability, Cybertize web hosting availability & on each service there is an availability of free Domain registration that is limited to selected products.

Control panel & features

Using CPanel, it is easy to use email setting up, logging into and managing email. If a customer locked out somehow of then with the help of its control panel, he can unlock with ease & able to login again in his account. servers are also equipped with IP blocking to save a customer`s sensitive data. Customer is responsible for keeping a copy of their most current web site files as backup on a remote system; is not responsible for any loss.


It provides support 24/7 but only with limited resources. furnishes support only by raising tickets. A customer will not get instant support because it will take time.

Pros & cons

It renders web hosting, email services and domain services to its customers. There seems like it does not have much to offer to its clients & whatever it is offering, it does that with conditions. Because of those terms & conditions, a person should think carefully before buying services from A customer will not get instant support & services from it.

Refund policy

There is no refund policy. Therefore, a person should think twice before going for


RS Marketing, LLC is responsible for any action taken by & if a customer is taking services from, then he is in a way taking services from RS Marketing, LLC. Transmission, storage, presentation of any information, data security, there are many services it offers but every service comes with a limitation. There are many problems while buying web hosting services & after that also. A person should interrogate & check every aspect before buying its services.