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Reasons that favor Linux web hosting

Linux web hosting is cheaper than other options like Windows based hosting. The reason for this is that Linux is an open source software product and as such does not incur the high licensing fees that other operating systems do; you can freely download and use it at no cost. Linux web hosting is equally suitable whether you have a large community website or a small business site. Your business needs and the scripting language that your website will be built with, play a role in selecting the platform that your website will be hosted on. However, Linux is suitable for most web hosting requirements and has many advantages.
The major reason for choosing the Linux Hosting service rather than Windows hosting is that your websites become easily accessible to the visitors and they don't have to wait for a long time. It offers open-source software platform with more flexibility. Linux Web hosting companies are ranked in value for money and reliability. The Linux OS gives the flexibility of using the operating system according to the customer needs.

Linux is said to be more stable and secure and the attacks are found to be lesser, as it offers open source software. It is important that a variety of the common high-end content management systems that are available for quick and efficient website creation work on Linux based operating systems that are used for hosting. Linux web hosting service offers the round clock customer service and supports the hosting problem at an explosive rate.

It has interesting database compatibility like SQL or MySQL, because of no extra requirement of plug-ins. These databases permit the optimization in communication with your website.
Linux is less vulnerable to a security breach and is far more stable than any other web hosting. This directly increases its uptime and runs for a longer period of time without getting rebooted. While Windows hosting requires frequent rebooting, each time it is upgraded. The end user can thus relax as far as the security of the website is concerned with Linux hosting.
A very interesting feature of Linux is that it runs in different modules that are interlinked with one another, in a such a manner that even if one of these modules break down, the system will shut down on its own, without damaging the other modules.

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