Excellent Service form Dedicated Servers UK

The dedicated web hosting UK has already become extremely popular all over the world. Now there stands the question that what are the matters that made this server so popular, not only in United Kingdom, but all over the world. One answer, of course, would be the high proficiency of the server. But there are other issues as well that are responsible so far the popularity of the Dedicated UK server is concerned. Especially the rapid changes in the online as well as the offline market mark the reason behind the rise of the dedicated web hosting UK. The offline market was very active even ten years ago, as a great number of companies were entirely dependent on that market. Most of the companies hardly cared about the online market as all the plans were made encircling the offline market.
But as time proceeded the companies faced many problems in the offline market itself. There are a lot of companies who are also started selling the same kind of goods and with cheaper price. This has made the companies to look for other avenues of business progression as they realized that the offline market will not provide them the proper shelter anymore. They came in the online market, made the websites and looked out for making the websites hosted with proper kind of hosting servers. Here comes the utility of the dedicated web hosting UK. The companies using these servers were extremely benefited from these servers. The highly efficient servers made it possible for the companies to accumulate as much online viewer as possible in the websites.
The traffic flow being high the companies generally get the high clientele from these servers. At the same time the additional features offered by the servers make the companies at easy. The servers are generally sold in packages. There are additional supplies in the packages that the companies enjoy. The Packages include the added features such as the space racks or the hardware and server monitoring as well as the proper remedial measures of any kind of problems. So far the problems regarding the dedicated web hosting UK is concerned, the companies can contact the customer care support whenever they see any kind of defect in the servers.
The dedicated servers of UK have a wonderful customer care service that the companies make use of. With excellent and efficient experts the support unit of the servers is made. As a result at any emergency hour the companies can contact and consult with the experts. According to their suggestions the companies then can take the necessary precautions. The companies also make sure that they get all the upgrading. The service providers of the servers in UK are very much aware of that. So whenever they make any kind of upgrading in the system, they make the servers of the clients upgraded also. As a result the companies get the maximum comfort. For them buying the dedicated web hosting UK becomes a perfect boon in the long run.

On 25 November, 2013, Astutium, UK based web hosting provider has made an announcement regarding the acquisition of Cyberstrider. This is done so that the company’s clients or their customers can access dual-stacked IPv4/IPv6 capability immediately because now Cyberstrider services were integrated into the Astutium London Docklands Tier 4 data center. But the companies does not disclose the financial terms of the deal. Cyberstrider is a service provider who gain specialization in cPanel-based hosting and is working in the areas of web hosting and domain registration from last several years and brings more than thousand local Small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Since 1996, Astutium’s offers shared web hosting, virtualization and cloud hosting solutions, collocation and its network spans in the France and Sweden, UK, US, Netherlands. There are so many advantages for the users or clients of the Cyberstrider such as now they can directly deal with an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar and receive 24hrs in-house support. Now users also have the ability to access the Unified, online Astutium Client Portal, which has one benefit that it allows you to manage your account. Astutium acquire Cyberstrider as the latter one wants to liquidate their business so that they can start another business enterprise.