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Net Neutrality

In 2003, Net neutrality principle described that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) should treat all of the data they are providing to customers equally, and would not use infrastructure to block out competitors by taking advantage of their position. It provides an equal chance to small companies to build a user-base and break into the market and increases innovation and competition.The consumers use the Internet for varying usages like viewing content like TV shows, films, and websites.
As a consumer you pay for Internet usage on mobile, so you shouldn't be charged for data used for services like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Nor, the Internet provider should prioritize the content and services, and delivered equally and justly.

Who safeguards Net Neutrality?

US Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) proposal to de-regulate would give big cable companies control over what we see and do online. In the protest, Amazon, Reddit, and Netflix altered the way services displayed. FCC chairman Ajit Pai wish to get rid of the Open Internet Order on competition grounds.

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