Domains Buying – Coupons and Schemes presently available

IP address is typical machine code and not easy to memorize, for that Domain Names were invented to easily remember and helpful to identify and recognize the organization. 28 years before in 15th March 1985 the first Internet domain name was registered after that millions domain names jumped in the market. Buying Domain Name is now effortless but getting domain name as per your choice in your budget is not easy task. Domains are sold by domain registrars and they appoint resellers, the user can directly register their domain name from registrar or can buy from resellers.

Here’s a look at the most popular domain name registrars selling Domains in Bulk with Scheme.


Enom ( Domain Provider )

Fast Growing Company offering many services Register, Transfer, Renew domains on new TLDs and existing TLDs. For domain resellers they have bulk scheme for register, renew, transferring domains and have different plans Platinum, Gold and Silver. Also offering newest and most popular Domains Extensions (TLDs)

Go Daddy ( Hosting & Domain Provider )

Founded in 1997 one of accepted reliable brand for users and resellers offering some hot services like Discount domain club where user can become Go Daddy Auction Member and get alternative, affordable price on domain transfer, renewals, daily deals prices helps to buyers to watch fluctuation in prices, generating revenue through cash parking is also new idea for users.

TuCows ( Domain Provider )

Best customer service with comical name in web hosting. It is not for those who want to buy single domain because TuCows sell domain names in bulk. Tucows has unit OpenSRS for resellers the first wholesale platform for selling and integrating domain names.

Namecheap ( Hosting & Domain Provider )

Name is sufficient to know that they offer cheap domain registration. In Industry Company known for cheapest price and good service, Company have exciting offers, For reseller hosting – 1$ first month in that they can use and try WebHostManager to add, modify, manage and remove fully-fledged hosting accounts. WhoisGuard free subscription with every new domain registration, Comodo Positive SSL certificates with new domain registration on low price.

Network Solutions ( Hosting Domain Provider )

If you are looking best services and cost doesn’t matter for you then Network Solution is your choice, providing excellent solutions and services, Special scheme for Friends & Family discounts on’s celebrating “Build It For Me” services, for a limited time. ( Hosting & Domain Provider)

Well known company over 15 years in the industry managing millions domain names place it leader in online small business tools. Company offering latest TLDs with all service includes domain name registration, domain name transfers, domain name renewal, domain expiration protection and domain privacy services.