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SiteGeek is comprehensive, current and engaging hosting review and rating website. The visitors can find appropriate web hosting company reviews, where new information added, updated, and old one deleted if with time not relevant. The relevant in-depth, unbiased reviews where customer shares original experiences helps in deciding the hosting customer searching the best hosting company for its website. The website highlights the noteworthy hosting companies, issues, insights, and in-depth expert review and enables visitors to share their experiences in the form comments, feedback, or opinion.

Ananova recommends SiteGeek as it consistently reflects changes in hosting industry, hosting companies customer-and-market driven policies, segmentation, targeting, and positioning. It covers hosting brands, customer value analysis, marketing trends, promotions, and discounts, Furthermore, it brings the latest news about servers, e-commerce services, cloud networks, databases, SEO or marketing, communication channels and many more.

The reviews are discussion starters segmented into various vivid illustrations or sections: About Company, Services Offered, Customers, and Latest News.

The tremendous changes have occurred in the hosting industry in recent years regarding technological advancements, economic downturns, and user needs. There is a rise of green web hosting, increased development of computing power, space and bandwidth. Furthermore, significant changes in the social media landscape and communication environment.

Nowadays, various direct and indirect channels are available, where hosting companies can effectively promote their services and brands. The experimental, i.e., research-based, entertainment and viral messages fascinate the customers. The market is more customer-centric where customers tell, the companies, which kind of services they want, where and how they want to buy them.

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