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Ruby on Rails Hosting

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework for the development of web applications using the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails is designed for rapid application development and enhances programmer productivity. Tens of thousands of Ruby on Rails applications have been deployed on the platform. Once installed, it does wonders for a developer in writing neater codes, segmented workflow and focusing on the execution of newer ideas to get the job done speedily. It enables you to write your own Web 2.0 application more robustly and in much lesser time as compared to any other language. Many people are today busting out with new plug-ins like Google Maps API for Rail. Coding in Ruby with the Rails framework has never been so joyful and effective.

In this article, we will discuss some extraordinary features of Ruby on Rails hosting which makes it a unique platform for web hosting.
Shell/SSH Access – This is utterly essential to get to the command line, to effectuate Ruby on Rails for your web hosting.

FastCGI, SCGI and/or Mongrel Support – Rails can be a bit slow on CGI alone, so look for the feature of FastCGI, SCGI and Mongrel Support in your hosting plan.

The latest version of Ruby on Rails framework: The web hosting provider should have the updated version of Ruby on Rails framework to avoid any security issue.

Rails documentation: You should also have Rails documentation as a part of your email support function so that your clients are updated about the progress in the project.

Options for Expansion – Your web hosting plans should have the option to expand your plans to meet your future needs if your app gets bigger. For instance, will your web hosting provider set up a good Rails stack for you on your server, or if they will help you in the creation of a multi-server Rails environment when required?

MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite Databases – These options are quite handy when you are developing apps that are designed for one or the other.

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