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Secure Hosting with SSL

A ‘private key’ is issued to the owners of sites which gives them sole facility to decrypt the data. Without the key, hackers will not able to encrypt it even if they get access to the data. Visitors of such sites are welcomed with an SSL certificate on the pages of the site. This assures that all the dealings are protected by the encryption process and a reputation among users. Another feature provided by the secured hosting providers is the inclusion of ‘s’ in ‘http://’ as ‘https://’. Internet savvy users look out for ‘s’ in the domain frequently even before clicking on a link or typing into a browser.

Who Uses Secure Hosting- SSL Hosting

Privacy is the vogue word for today’s customers. Online privacy makes the user spread awareness about security and measures involved around it. Businesses also use secured hosting to bank on customer’s safety. Along with the two above given measures, the customer prefers a company that ensures to secure data. They even ignore the cost or feature-rich factors when it comes to the question of security.

All e-commerce businesses use secured hosting: trading, government offices, insurance companies, schools etc. Data includes personal information – name, address, birth date, monetary information – credit card number, credit report data, loans, private correspondence – requests, private health/education communications, emails, instant messaging and live chat.

Comparing SSL Certificates

All secure hosting companies offer SSL certificate, usually free with signup, and all the armor it promises. Most secured hosts require the client to have a unique IP address and have a separate SSL certificate for each subdomain. Even the difference between and (without www) would require two separate SSL certificates. Others permit a “wildcard” SSL certificates to cover all subdomains for an entire domain.

This is an important distinction of SSL certificates to be conscious of: between shared and private certificates. Just as they sound, a shared SSL certificate is shared with other users on that same server network; a private SSL certificate represents a domain or subdomain protected not only on a secure server, but a dedicated server shared with no other users.

Secured Hosting Providers

Customers are mostly concerned about their information to be safe and protected and promising about this security may be the focal cause of success. Various secured hosting providers entice with various plans and also provide bandwidth and disk space along with the secured platform. If the hosting plan contains all these features then one should grab a deal today!

There are many authorities that are entitled to issue SSL certificates. It is still the site owner who needs to prove that the hosting is done on a secured server in order to receive the certificate. Customers will get best secure web hosting providers in the USA.

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