Pay As You Go(PAYG) is an effective process of charging method. The charges are based on used services, against an entire infrastructure. The processing is carried out in cloud computing and meant for organizations and end users. PAYG permits the user to scale and customize computing resources which included software, storage and development platforms. PAYG is also known as Pay-As-You-Use, Pay & Go, Pay Per Use or Pay Per Usage.

Almost all large web hosts function on flat rate basis which comprises of paying for all resources, even for those which are never used by the client. Due to competition, hosts are forced to oversell and are forced to add invisible limits. Most web hosting companies display cost per month. When customer sign up for that service they actually come to know that what is the cost. Many times plans have cost yearly or 6 months. So users want to test company services, it become so hazy for users how to rely on company. With Pay-As-You-Go smaller websites have a good opportunity to save money, and there are no issues about large website regarding attaining invisible limits.