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Piwigo, photo gallery software for web

If you wish to have web-based custom photo gallery for your website, the Piwigo is best option to help you. Piwigo is an open source software dedicated for a photo gallery and can be installed on your website. It can be easily customized a a number of extensions are available for same and that too at free of cost. It is written in PHP, highly extensible and needs MySQL Database. Earlier Piwigo was known by the name of PhpWebgallery.

Main Features of Piwigo

For any kind of photo gallery, Piwigo offers various kinds of features, as given;

Various methods how Piwigo can be deployed

There are various methods by which Piwigo can be deployed in a web hosting environment.

First of all, the latest version of piwigo from its website is required to be downloaded and for this there are two options; first download complete archive and then source code uploaded to their web hosting environment and second download the Netinstall and then upload same to their hosting environment, results in downloading entire archive automatically.

Through APT Packages system, Piwigo can be installed on Linux/ GNU distributions. Various shared web hosting services through their control panel may install Piwigo automatically. Even without installing Pwigio on the web server, a Piwigo gallery can be deployed online through web hosting services such as Piwigo

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