One's single office connection is not enough to host a web server now an important question which arises is which is best, leasing a dedicated server or buying own server and co-locating someone\'s data center?


If one is unsure of the difference; here it is in a nutshell. If one co-locates, it simply means renting space within someone else\'s facility to store his/her own server or servers. It is very much similar to a high tech gym locker that user is renting all or part of a house his/her servers. The user either ship or deliver the server to his/her provider. Additional services that are provided by the host along with co-location differ from individual to individual host but it surely will not include the actual server. With a dedicated server, the user will get all the features of co-location, as well as, the actual web server itself.

Which is superior?

Between web hosting and co-location web hosting, the best would be which is best suited for one's need. Comparing both we will find that there are excellent situations for both the dedicated server option is quickly becoming a better choice in more and more cases. If one already possesses a web server or prefers to use a cluster, then obviously co-location possibly will be the user's ideal choice. If the user is bearing in mind buying new equipment and shipping it off for co-location, he/she should reassess.

One should know that, the prices and equipment existing in dedicated hosting currently are outstanding, not only this but it will relieve the user from the burden of hardware. Most hosts prefer to carry suitable spare parts on hand according to the servers used so that quick action can be taken if any undesirable thing happens. Depending on one's arrangement with a collocation deal hardware failure could simply mean paying extra to have a server shipped back, having it fixed by oneself rather than sending it back to the data center.