I've been reading a lot of articles about the advantages of having a dedicated server in Canada lately. The claim is that Canadian dedicated servers are more secure and safer than a dedicated option elsewhere. How true is this claim? And, why is a Canadian dedicated server better?

Let's take a look.

The Argument

1. Canada is a peaceful place. Well, this much is true. It's not very likely that the Canadian government will be overthrown, or that anyone other than Harper will be the Prime Minister in the near future. In fact, Canada is a pretty relaxed place. So, the likelihood that someone will bust down the door and steal a server are zero to none.

2. The weather is mild. I'm not too sure about this one. Canadian winters can be really harsh, and summers can be very humid. While Canada isn't exactly a tropical hurricane type of place, there are some natural disasters (in the form of ice, ice rain, and snow or ice storms) that can take down the best building.

3. It's close to the U.S. Okay – I'm not sure if that's a comfort, but it is a true statement.

4. Most Canadian hosting centers are located in big cities. Yep! This one's true.

5. Google likes Canada better. A Canadian company that hosts with a Canadian hosting company will get a better SERP result.

The Problems

The biggest problem with choosing a Canadian web hosting company is that there's some speculation as to whether or not Canadian companies were giving information to the NSA. So, if you're worried about the NSA and hosting in the United States, you may not be better off hosting in Canada. Then again, it depends on whether or not you actually have something to hide, and I'm guessing that most companies don't.

Should You Host In Canada?

There are certainly plenty of amazing Canadian hosting companies like A Small Orange that are really worth looking into. And, the bonuses of hosting in Canada certainly outweigh the negatives (just look at the list above). But, it does depend on how paranoid you are about the NSA. That news still hasn't surfaced.

One more benefit to hosting in Canada is that there's plenty of competition. When it comes to the hosting industry, competition is a good thing, since that often means better packages and rates all around. You can choose from shared or dedicated too, and it's always good to have lots of options, right? Just make sure you make the right choice from the beginning.

Moving Is Hard to Do!

Moving a website can be hard to do! So, if you have any kind of a goal that involves getting tons of users, it's a really solid idea to choose dedicated hosting first. Why bother moving a site when you can just go with the right type of hosting plan from the start? The important thing is not to fall for any really over the top promises, and to always know exactly what your hosting company is capable of by reading a bunch of reviews.

You can check out the information on this page, or you can visit SiteGeek.com for additional hosting details. SiteGeek lists hosting company data that you won't find anywhere else, and you can weigh in on your opinion of a hosting company (whether or not it's in Canada!). As always,  we're here to help you with your dedicated hosting questions and needs, so make sure to drop us a line if you need any help!