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Cheap Wildcard Certificate Providers

Before taking a glance on the topic Cheap Wildcard Certificate Providers we should get well known about the terms viz, SSL Certificate, Wildcard SSL Certificate, Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate :

If the data has to be sent and encrypted in a secure manner in between two endpoints then there is the requirement for the protocol and that is called Secure Socket Layer. A SSL Certificate are the resources by which web servers prove their identity to web browsers, allowing a secure site to communicate privately with the web browser via the HTTPS protocol. A comodo SSL Certificate contains the following information:

Wildcard SSL Certificate :

A Wildcard SSL Certificate is a public key certificate which can be used with multiple subdomains of a domain.

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate :

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate secure multiple sub-domains of a single domain name.

Now we will deal with our main subject matter i.e. Cheap Wildcard Certificate Providers.

The security mechanism which provide Wildcard SSL Certificates at a minimal cost that meets out users requirement and budget are called Cheap Wildcard Certificate Providers.Following are the different types of Cheap Wildcard Certificate Providers:

RapidSSL Wildcard :

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates sanctions us to secure unlimited number of sub domains on the same domain name with a single certificate. RapidSSL offers low cost wildcard SSL . RapidSSL wildcard is immediate issued and easy to manage.

Features :

Thawte Web Server Wildcard SSL Certificates :

Thawte Web Server Wildcard SSL Certificates secure multiple subdomains with a single SSL Certificate thereby reducing management time and cost.


GeoTrust Wildcard SSL :

GeoTrust helps us to save time and money while displaying the customers that we have an authenticated, reliable site and that information is secure during transmission.

Features :

Comodo Wildcard SSL certificate :

Comodo Wildcard certificate is the most cost effective solution for securing all our subdomains. A single Comodo Wildcard Certificate covers all of the sub-domains of our main domain without the need to purchase or manage multiple certificates.

Features :

DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificate :

DigiCert provide the highest quality products in the industry at the most reasonable prices possible.

Features :

Thus,these Cheap Wildcard Certificate Provider provides are cost effective solutions at reasonable prices.

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