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Hosting Business Survival and Sustainability

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Hosting Business Survival

The changes in the technology and unforgiving environment has challenged hosting companies to prosper financially. Some companies evolve out of this and become a big brand, while others perish. Starting a hosting business is a big challenge, the sustainability depends on the sufficient demand of services in the niche market. With time, operations, functions, and accounting of businesses change. The well-known example in front is the success of online-stores. The usage of Internet has grown, so everybody might think, that hosting industry might have flourished. So, why the hosting businesses are facing challenges?

Customer First – Hosting Business Survival

The competition has increased, and some companies do not apply marketing skills to address those challenges. The ability, capability and customer-centric approach matter in the success. Now the broader importance is to understand the needs, demands, the customer business challenges, and future scope. The companies introducing the services keep all these factors into consideration to gain better acceptance and provide rich solutions to the complex situations.

Case Study Shared Vs. Cloud Hosting – Hosting Business Survival

The shared hosting plan needs enhancements to inspire the hosting customers driving fastly towards cloud solutions. The cloud computing is a bit costlier as compared to shared hosting, so if companies selling shared services, must innovate the plan and start providing the features of cloud, then they can improve their position in the marketplace. The challenge to continuously upgrade and update with the latest technology would never end. So, a hosting company should create plans to meet the demands and get fully engage to provide hosting experience and value.

Addressing the Needs – Hosting Business Survival

The customer-centric approach helps to build loyal customers base. Furthermore, as hosting business is subscription based, the customer becomes intangible assets that contribute to the value and help in developing a hosting brand.
Creating the right hosting plans isn't always easy. So most of the hosting companies have started offering customized solutions or a wide array of hosting solutions. The Hosting-plans features like space, bandwidth, tools, security and support services decide the plan prices, market, customer-type. Taking the view of all such factors and adequately analyzing them hosting companies determine their advertisement budgets, the channels to promote and time, area and market segment.

The customer wants quality, quick services, and satisfactory experience, and if any negative review related to hosting provider comes out, it spreads like a wave on the Internet. That is after sales services become crucial, the customer complaints not only to company but post them on social media. Hence, the company needs to remain aggressive on various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedin.

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