uCoz.net: Company Overview

uCoz has been popular site builder since 2005. Their features include professional and DIY editor both. This company has projects that help those users who wish to develop attractive websites. They provide wide range of advanced features through control panel. With various packages for business and personal use, there is something for every user. Management software starts with free version and up to ecommerce for business with storage space.

Company has added number of gadgets and widgets, give customers huge assortment of extras that can be added to website easily. Through Page editor clients develop website which is outstanding for brand and business.

Reliability and Uptime

Customer can expect reliable system to access admin panel for making site changes, attach IP address. They have user-friendly control panel with site backup to restore site in case of any issue. Their datacenters are under surveillance and monitor 24/7. They are highly secure and protect confidential information for the company. uCoz offers high uptime guarantee with minimal downtime. Technicians are available every time to resolve client`s issues instantly.

Plans and Pricing

Company has five paid packages and a free version. Free version doesn’t require credit card and never expires. It offers very rich tool including capacity to use own or previously bough domain name. However, with this plan customers are forced to display system copyright and rather noticeable advertisement. For create a blog, business or forum and a webstore, their Basic plan will do this. Company offers discount if customer chooses to pay for three/six or a year in advance. Their higher end option is comparatively expensive. Best feature with their builder package is that they allow to bring own domain at no additional cost. All plan packages can be upgraded anytime. They offer Minimal, Basic, Optimal, Maximal and Shop plan packages. All come with features such as FTP access, FTP uploading, hide statistics counter, local user database and more.

Key Features

Very impressive aspect of uCoz is their showcase section with variety of live sites designed including online builder. Their special template language allows checking different conditions while generating web pages. Template builder provide total change in website in very effective way. They will extend website functionality along with PHP, MySQL, third party database and API. Company also offers unlimited disk space, files uploaded through web interface /FTP, one free domain name during registration and daily backups. Assignment of different access levels relay on customer group. Number of modules realizing classical web applications. They have full control over design web applications by HTML templates. Company`s common features include built in visual HTML editor for beginners, RSS export and import, blocking of activity from IP addresses and unlimited bandwidth.

Technical Support

Company offers excellent FAQ section and menu. Their forum system is interactive along with variety of topic and has active community. Full information regarding news, contests for members and server are included in this area. System has included 16 full-fledged language localizations. Technical support is provided in English, German, Spanish, Arabic, French, Romanian and Ukrainian via ticketing system and through community forum. Customers find many video tutorials and guides covering all stages of website building with the uCoz. Company`s professionals resolve common doubts easily.


Ease of use, free sub domain, increasing storage space, diverse templates and widgets, secured hosting solutions.


They charge payment for removing ads, no drag and drop creation and no mobile support.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

They do not offer any refund for account cancellation under any circumstances after payment. For cancellation customer need to give written request to support team.


Overall, uCoz is the website builders which let users get under the hood. They provide full control over the website and help their customers to focus on content rather than technical side of things. Company has positive and negative points both. However, they provide complete free particularly to the beginners. One of the best things for website users is the allowance of owning domain name for free of cost.