SiteGeek has emerged as a platform, where hosting community visitors share their experience and opinion about hosting company’s products or services. A website is credited in bringing people of similar interest called to be SiteGeek Hosting Community (STC). Website content is disseminated and shared by a lot of media based websites through blogs, RSS, feeds, tagging and social networks, podcasts, and videos. There were days when people used to select companies on search engines and those listed on first 3 positions to get 90% of traffic. Searches on Google, Yahoo, and MSN get maximum creditability.

SiteGeek as podcast

With development, new tools have emerged that discuss the latest trends in products and services of various hosting companies and answer the queries of the visitors. These sites offer visitors to put their questions, reviews, comments, and issues about hosting company services. Visitors can subscribe to any of the pages, and they will be notified whenever answers to their queries, reviews or comments are raised on their email address. The list of subscribers is never shared for any marketing purpose said “Manish Kumar, CMD,”. He further added that no promotional avenues are mailed to subscribers

SiteGeek as Blog

Eminent journalist and content writers from media do share their concerns, latest developments, hosting company service, reviews, interviews and issues with customers in the form of articles or journals on SiteGeek. With text, images and videos can also be added to them. Comments from visitors are allowed on these blogs or journals, so on regular basis continuous discussion goes on them. Site Geek is in regular touch with the hosting companies and displays their latest information about their products or services. Thus, it has become the authoritative source of information for hosting the world. Opportunity to write a blog or post is provided to a registered member of the website. Registration can be done using social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.

Tagging on SiteGeek

Site Geek allows visitors to tag URL and add it to their bookmarks for future reference. Also, tags are available on the website linking to the different information of interest on the website.

SiteGeek RSS – SiteGeek is not yet sharing new or updated content using RSS feeds, in the near future this feature would be soon available.

SiteGeek on Social Networks

SiteGeek has accounts on social media networking websites which are as under:

Site Geek is sharing information on these social sites in a text, images, and video format. SiteGeek is a tool publicizing local and global hosting companies, their products and services and discusses the implacable policies on them.

SiteGeek has been successful in generating the attention of web hosting community.