Dedicated Hosting Linux

Shared web hosting solutions and Dedicated hosting solutions, either Linux based or Windows based are the most popular solutions on the web, to get online, for individuals, as well as businesses, lead to differentiating them from others. As an individual, the server is used for casual and leisure reasons, so shared hosting is fine. However, for businesses, where profit, customer satisfaction, business expansion are the criteria, it requires a single or dedicated internet platform, i.e. a dedicated server.

Linux Dedicated Server

A Linux Dedicated Server is an excellent solution for an individual as well as business needs. It provides guaranteed more bandwidth and private space online. The reason behind this, a single dedicated server is handling users website and due to optimal allocation and utilization of resources to a single website, high level of reliability is offered.
Best business class cutting edge and pre-configure equipment used by the high-end Linux dedicated servers. It offers the speed and power required by users business and website.
Customized software is offered with a supporting team to resolve any issues or problems arise with the website. It also offers performance with peace of mind.
Linux Dedicated servers are mostly used by people for getting reliable web hosting solution, as it offers full security, reasonability, high performance, genuine functionality all at low prices. Moreover, all this a client may get in a single package.

Some Pros & Cons of Linux Dedicated Servers

Like other servers, A Linux Dedicated server also has some merits and some demerits. First, see some of its pros.

  1. As compared to other Servers, Linux Dedicated servers are more free of the technical issues.
  2. They are more capable, they are able to run for a long time without disconnecting any of the programs. They do not require high bandwidth.
  3. Linux is a powerful operating system and secures as well. It always keeps their system in such manner that it runs all the time with high security.
  4. Another most significant advantage of Linux dedicated web hosting is that it is an affordable option. It is quite less expensive to operate, maybe because of its wide-open source.
  1. Linux Dedicated servers are incapable of running any windows based applications as coding cannot be converted by Linux. Thus, it is a tragedy or a problem for those websites which are coded specifically for Windows-based applications.
  2. Linux Dedicated Servers may not provide all the basic services to their clients. Basic services comprise of security, firewall, servers load balance, Cpanel, protection from virus and others. So, User is hereby suggested to make sure that all the basic services must be provided in its packages.
  3. Besides above, some other services are also offered such as services of subdomains, MYSQL database, add-on domains, an additional creation of FTP accounts and many more. Same as above, the first user must check whether these services are offered in package or not.
  4. Among all the services, support rendering via online or live chat is most important, as if a user is new to the field, he will face technical and other issues at each and every step and it requires good and fast support. As, then a user is able to discuss any problems at any time with their co-workers, executives and may get their satisfactory solution at a fast pace. However, Linux Dedicated hosting may not provide this service.
  5. Linux dedicated hosting may not offer the advantages of .NET application, Microsoft application. Instead of this, these days, readymade scripts such as PHP 5.0 or the latest version, Ruby n Rails, etc. are offered.