If you have a business, whether small or big, you are going to need a chat service. This chat service is very useful and essential since, in businesses, chat is the easiest way to communicate rather than exerting effort going to the physical address just to ask mundane questions. Live chat is also beneficial to employers since customers can ask their questions and knowing someone will answer instead of a robotic response. It will then lead to increase in sales. So what is the best live chat software out there that will give you the edge in your business? There are so many live chat solutions out there that will blow your competitions out of the water. One of them is Chatwoo.com. What has chatwoo.com has to offer.

Free is always preferred

Chatwoo.com has a free version you can install to your website. Just like other software’s, you just have to copy and paste a simple code, and your chat will run. Of course, their free is just basic compared to what you will get to their premium plan. It is suitable for beginners and small enterprises; the free version only gives necessary customization.

Mobile App familiarity is an added advantage

Other live chat software’s lack has chatwoo.com covered. It is through their mobile app. Using their mobile app will provide significant conversation speed increase and stability compared to using another chat software in a mobile browser. You can check it whenever and wherever you are in the palm of your hands instead of booting up your laptop or computer. It is suitable for those who are in the rush.

Offline form save costing of downloading

Not everyone is online. And not everyone will stay online. Chatwoo.com offline form is best suited for agents or chat users that don’t prefer to remain on the web. It does not only give ease to both the user and customer but also it saves your battery and maybe lessens your internet bills.

Works on any Platform

The software would say, “This one is not available on your Operating System.” Well, that is not a problem anymore. With chatwoo.com chat software, you no longer have to worry about compatibility; it works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Plus the added browser compatibility is a good thing to have to.

Analytics and Monitoring

The best thing about chatting is monitoring who’s in your chat and who’s online. Their analytics features give you the simplified version of your customer’s satisfaction rate and response rate through graphs and statistics. The monitoring feature gives a user ability to ban spammers, chat history, and visitor profile.


Chatwoo.com is a solid choice for beginners and even professionals. They have a free one so you can always try and test your satisfaction and see if your site traffic is now getting conversions among visitors. Of course, their free version does not give it all, with their premium plan you can get more advanced customization settings and tweaking and much more conscious chat experience compared to their free version. Their premium plan is 10$/month. In this much low cost, an individual can afford it quite easily, and that must be similar to your case. So, enjoy chatting via excellent software available at present.