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SSL certificate Vs. CA certificate

About SSL Certificate

Now as to enable SSL on a websites’ Certificate is required by you who identifies you and install it on the server. The padlock icon in web browsers and a green address bar usually indicates the use of an SSL certificate on a website and when SSL certificate is installed on a website, then it makes you feel safe and secure for the information enter by you because it is only accessed by the organization that owns the website. SSL certificates are provided by Certificate Authorities (CAs) and the use of this certificate is required by web server so that SSL protocol can be used in an effective way.

What is a certificate authority (CA)?

Digital certificates are issued by the certificate authority which is a unit/body to the organizations or people after validating them. Certification authorities always keep the information which is used to issue the records and the details of the records which has been issued and are audited on a daily basis to make sure that they are following clear and definite procedures. Certification Practice Statement (CPS) defines the procedures that will be used to confirm applications and are provided by every certification authority. There are many commercial institutions that charge for their services and governments may have their own CAs, and there are also free Certificate Authorities.

Here is the difference between SSL certificate and CA certificate

Self-signed certificate or SSL Certificate means the certificate which was signed by its owner. Self-signed certificates generally utilized for testing local servers. When the web site certificate is self-signed then the internet browser will show a pop-up and these certificates are not signed by the Certificate authority. The data which moves or transfer between browser and server gets very less security by the Self-signed certificates and thus who has an unpleasant motive can prove very harmful to a server. But the SSL certificate has no connection with the identity of the person or organization. CA (Certificate authority) issues the certificate which will be considered as an authorized certificate. As we know that (SSL) Secure Socket Layer is used to encrypt the data between the web server and client’s browser so, when a client goes through the website it shows the validity of website in the address bar which boosts the confidence of the customer. The information which moves or transfer between browser and server is secure. The most common certified authorities are Symantec, Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust etc.

After looking at the above differences, If we have to decide that which one is better, then it is better to deal with signed certificate i.e. certificate authority’s certificate because customer satisfaction is the first goal of every organization and to satisfy them is the first and most important thing and if he is not satisfied with your website than there is no requirement to gain such certificate.

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