There are several installable ActiveX components used to create objects for use in Active Server Pages.

Database Access

The Database Access component uses ActiveX data objects (ADO) to access information stored in a database or other tabular data structure. It also uses the connection pooling feature of ODBC 3.0 to make database access more efficient.

Browser Capabilities

The Browser Capabilities component provides your scripts with a description of the capabilities of the client's Web browser. When a browser connects to the Web server, it automatically sends a User-Agent HTTP header, an ASCII string that identifies the browser and its version number. The Browser Capabilities component compares the header to entries in the Browscap.ini file.

If it finds a match, the Browser Capabilities component assumes the properties of the browser listing that matches the user agent header.
If the component does not find a match for the header in the Browscap.ini file, it takes on the default browser properties.
You can add properties or new browser definitions to this component by updating the Browscap.ini file.

Content Rotator

Each time a user opens or reloads the Web page, the Content Rotator component displays different content based on the information specified in the Rotator schedule file.

Using the Content Rotator, an advertising account manager with little or no HTML experience can manage the placement of new advertisements. Besides, the advertising manager can record how many users click each advertisement by setting the Redirect parameter in the Rotator schedule file. Specifying this parameter causes each click on an ad to be recorded in the Web server activity logs.

Content Linking

The Content Linking component manages a list of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) in your Web site. It automatically generates and updates the table of contents and navigational links io previous and subsequent Web pages. It is ideal for applications such as online newspapers and forum message listings.

File Access

The File Access component uses the FileSystemObject and TextStream objects to retrieve and modify information stored in files on the server.