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Superior Customer Value

Customer Satisfaction – Superior Customer Value

TSuperior Customer Valuehe hosting companies create, communicate and deliver hosting plans, which fulfills the needs, demands and have value to customers. The customer willingly pays for services, where it is satisfied. To bring 100% satisfaction, it requires a considerable amount of skills and work. The customer stays with hosting company for long-period when he/she thinks that company has potential deliver excellent services.

After Sales Services – Superior Customer Value

The company chooses its niche markets, where it can strongly grow by adding new customer while retaining the old ones. Hence, the hosting provider delivers high standard services. The customer gets what it needs. In a hosting-business selling, a hosting plan is not enough, and the most important part comes after sales.

The customer should get its website moved smoothly, the system services are compatible, and all the operations and functions of the site usually works. Furthermore, if any problem or issue arises, due to change of environment, may be due to a system upgrade, the hosting company technical staff should handle it. Otherwise, the customer would appear superfluous.

Choosing Right Customer – Superior Customer Value

The technical staff experience matters, as they can understand the customer and whether company system fits its needs. Ideally, the hosting plan should reveal the targeted customer for that particular service. The company should research and then design the right services, for sure, they would swamp with new customers.

The complexity of hosting business knows about customers which itself is selling ideas, information, experiences, goods, services, and brand. To understand the customer issues, sometimes it is necessary to understand the client business operations and functions.

The company promotes the hosting plan, by revealing features and qualities, and how it could satisfy the online presence needs of customers. It seeks response and attention of the prospect customers.

The Hosting Market – Superior Customer Value

The Consumer Market

The hosting companies do marketing to establish a strong brand image. The companies ensure reliable services backed with highly available and engaging customer support services. Hence, sells the hosting services to individuals or businesses.

The Business Maret or Reseller Hosting – Superior Customer Value

The hosting company not only offer services to individuals or businesses, but also to resellers who further resell at a profit. The web designers, developers, SEO's and agencies who are already dealing with hosting customer. So, they can add the hosting business to their profiles.

The resellers are technology professionals, and understand the hosting technology or hosting resource management. They are highly skilled at evaluating competitive offerings, hence to sell reseller hosting plans, the hosting company needs to demonstrate how resellers can achieve higher revenues at lower costs.

The resellers don't always look for cheap hosting services, and they choose the reputable brand for better services. Thus, allows them to concentrate on their core business. Resellers don't have to do many advertisements to sell hosting service or decrease hosting plan. They make additional profits by selling hosting services, a client is already taking a service from them, or they are managing its website.

Local Hosting For Global Website – Superior Customer Value

Most customers choose local hosting with the nearby server for speedy websites. It has forced the hosting companies to invest globally and launch their offices in respective countries. Furthermore, set hosting plans and prices and design support service communications according to that country and culture. The challenges they face include currency fluctuation, cultural, legal and political differences. The new market has the huge payoffs.

Discounted Hosting to Non-Profit Institutions

Hosting services to churches, universities, schools, educational institutions, charitable organizations offered at discounted prices by most of hosting providers. Although prices are slashed for non-profit institutions, service quality remains same. The hosting provider considers it as part of company social responsibility (CSR).

Hosting to Government Sector

Most government agencies extenuate the prices, features, and needs and focus on practical solution favoring the lowest bid.