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Blogging Impact On Brand Building Of Website

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Blogging Impact

We all know the impact of ‘blogging’ and the attention people give to them. Due to this power, few of the marketing companies have taken an aggressive stance, by using ‘guest blogging’ for campaigning for their clients. Perhaps under a misconception that it will be a short and clean way to bring search engine rankings and traffic to their websites.

Scope – Blogging Impact

As every business is coming online, they are trying to bombard the online community with their sales messages using blogging as one of the tools. Content in the ‘news style’ is provided to the visitor with the thought that it is going to help in the brand building of the website. Viewing the scope, a complete industry of ‘content providers’ has emerged, we call them propagandist. With the desired intent, they attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions and direct behavior through deliberate and systematic campaigning. Many communication scientists criticize them as biased, one-sided and un-objective. Piercing the minds with persuasive messages. When you search for anything on search engines, these blogs appear in their search results.

The power of such blogs decreases when the visitor doesn’t stay on them, as they are not potential for them. This also shows that it is not the bloggers who are changing the behavior. People are smart enough that they just don’t trust one single website; they crawl to different websites for finding the truth. Few of the websites are researching and analyzing which of the websites are trusted more on particular keywords. They started analyzing audience with standard techniques. Research industry in this sector has started blooming.

Researchers Recommendations – Blogging Impact

Researchers of various review and recommender websites like argued that visitors cannot be persuaded, they are not passive to the messages, and they read the content selectively and then make buying decisions. If people cannot be influenced, as they are already prepared then what is the need of persuading them? Well, still one can argue that people change their decisions by reading the arguments or reviews of other people who have experienced those products earlier.

Again, the people made selections, based on their opinion, wants and needs. Not all the visitors behave in a similar manner, according to the Berlson, “Some kinds of communication, on some kinds of issues, brought to the attention of some kinds of people, under some kinds of conditions, have some kinds of effects.”

Contrary to this, bloggers still feel that blogging is a powerful paradigm to persuade people and redirect traffic to their websites.

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Different hooks and crooks of Blogging – Blogging Impact

Blogging has now become much more commercial; to bring long-term effects blogger publishes content on multiple platforms to bring repeated exposure. Also, the blogger posts on multiple posts by rotating the content and tries to bring the associated effects. They try to build knowledge and predisposition in visitors mind, so next time the visitor visits the page, there would be more likely that he/she selects his content. Here blogger is playing with the psychology of the visitor, as they understand people remember and process content selectively, so they try to bring the reinforcement effects.

Blogging has created a new world with the Internet and has been very successful in captivating its audiences. Blogging brings social impact also, as visitor’s wishes to participate in the discussion and often criticize or provide its suggestion. A focus of the blogging is broader and has a potential of great power.

Persuasion is a continuous process where repeated exposure to the content reinforces rather than changes the audience beliefs. Blogs with quantitative and qualitative content are much trusted and appreciated.

SiteGeek Perception – Blogging Impact

According to the SiteGeek: “Blog is like a frame, where problems and possible solutions are designed with the particular angle, to approach a topic.” Blogs these days allow lot more elements to be inserted into them apart from text like photos, videos, polls, maps and links by which blogger wants to be ensured that his angle will be understood by the reader in the same as his intent was.

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