Almost every company in the world recognizes the importance of network improvement and improved customer services. They understand that industry is moving fast moving and customer demands change constantly, hence are agile in making investments and bringing innovations.

Mr. Selorm Adadevoh, CEO, MTN Ghana limited at MTN Y’ello Soiree held for its customers in Takoradi pointed out that the company would invest $160 million in expansion and upgrading of a network as it rolls out G4+

Adding 4G+ and fiber technology to the home/businesses would ensure high data capacity and speed to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth needs of its cherished customers. 4G speed would bring an adequate level of speed and in the matter of spontaneous reliability so that you can enjoy faster uploads and downloads, effortless streaming of videos, better quality video calling, etc. either from your handset or with the help of a router or a modem.

MTN Ghana organized its event, Y’ello Soiree in Accra to be able to provide a platform where the top leaders of MTN could interact with a section of MTN’s most valued customers in a tranquil environment. This initiative taken, so that the problems of the customers could be understood on a personal level for a better implementation of the mutually proposed solutions.

MTA Ghana has always respected the demands of their customers and proposes the ideology that the users deserve to be served by the network with the broadest coverage, best voice, and data quality and most important innovations. The idea proposed is not just to increase the bar in technology but to make MTN, choice of the people. It is also to give back to both customers and society as a whole to brighten lives in the long run.

Customer satisfaction through the provided services is the most important thing for the company. The main objective to host Y'ello soiree is to engage the fun-loving users into a formal set up. It is a delight for the company and the users as well to be able to experience innovative products and services that encourage a progressive future and a world with unlimited possibilities.

Author: Rishika Chhabra