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Live Chat Software Open Source

So you have just started your own business? You should have noticed that your website is generating so much traffic, but strangely, those numerous traffic doesn’t convert into your loyal customers. What could be the possible problem? Is it your website? Is it your services?

If the products or services you provide are what you might call “top notch,” then neither of your website or the services you offer is the problem. Your customer service is the culprit to your sales issues. To solve that problem you are going to need to communicate with them. But how will you do that? Is it through video call? Not so economical. The best way is through live chat. Do you think it would be a smart move just to buy a live chat solution that quickly? That depends on your discretion but if you have doubts or a tight budget. Why not try open source chat software?




If you are just starting out, why don’t you try open source chat software to test yourself and your customers? You can try that is a fabulous option for the live chat.

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