So you have just started your own business? You should have noticed that your website is generating so much traffic, but strangely, those numerous traffic doesn’t convert into your loyal customers. What could be the possible problem? Is it your website? Is it your services?

If the products or services you provide are what you might call “top notch,” then neither of your website or the services you offer is the problem. Your customer service is the culprit to your sales issues. To solve that problem you are going to need to communicate with them. But how will you do that? Is it through video call? Not so economical. The best way is through live chat. Do you think it would be a smart move just to buy a live chat solution that quickly? That depends on your discretion but if you have doubts or a tight budget. Why not try open source chat software?


  • One good thing about open source chat software is that you can modify it. Modify it the way you want and mess with the code the way you like. You can edit certain software according to your technical needs. If you want, you can fix those bugs that always trouble you. Bug fixing in your chat software is a huge advantage since you no longer have to wait for the commercial bug fix or patch release for your open source chat software. If you are an expert in coding, you might as well add some features you want in your chat software, including adding some visual aspects to your chat software, this will solve the visual features but comparing to commercial features, a commercial one will always stand out visually. Security can also improve by experimenting and looking for the safety breaches.
  • If you are looking for what might be the best advantage of open-source chat software, pricing would be the best. Since it is open-source, expect no payment and just download it or integrate to your website. Having free software gives the advantage to those who are just starting in the business world or just flat out experimenting in the customer service issues of your online business. Having live chat service is way more accessible and economical than video call or phone call since those 2 have geographical issues. Not only beginners but also to big businesses, often some large enterprises use open source for a way to them to channel the money developing something else instead of using it for live chat software solutions.


  • One obvious disadvantage of using open source chat software is that users may have trouble with the interface although this does not happen every time, some users may find it difficult to use the chat software since the developer improved it so much that it became complicated. Commercial live chat software still offers the best interface for the use of users and customers to your website.
  • Using open source chat software can sometimes be a double-edged sword. For instance, you have no/minimal knowledge in coding and developing, your chat software will be obsolete and might be full of bugs and security issues, bugs and security breaches does not please a customer and also you. Say you are still using open source chat software even with zero knowledge of coding, you might hire professional services for your issues and maintenance, that will cost money, and that is not economical. Better yet just buy a commercial live chat solution.


If you are just starting out, why don’t you try open source chat software to test yourself and your customers? You can try that is a fabulous option for the live chat.