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There are many different database systems available for web hosting. The most common are MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and MS Access.

If you want your website to be able to store and retrieve data from a database, your web server should have access to a database system that uses the SQL language.
Microsoft's SQL Server is popular database software for database-driven websites with high traffic.

Database Hosting is actually an art of facilitating a managed server which is very well optimized for running a relational database hosting. You should remember that since all the databases are different, they require specific hardware as well as software configurations to support them.

The main features of our database hosting services are: Unparalleled, reliable security solutions designed to protect your dedicated server India and your business from network threats, a first layer of defense consisting of dedicated firewall solution such as Juniper SSG 550 or CISCO ASA which protects your mission-critical data

Most of the service providers provide reliable administrators, skilled and trained in the network and server environments of the most widely used database server hosting platforms.

Customization Services to meet your specifications; the same involves the upfront cluster design and consulting as well as installation, configuration, load balancing, security, etc.
Hosting for Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases are provided.

These hosting providers are experts at managing facilities, data center infrastructure as well as servers.

Database website hosting is a service that enables you to use database and access it online. There are many hosting providers that offer database website hosting as a standard feature but some do not provide it, so if you need web database then you need to pay additional monthly rent to your provider. There are many database website hosting but there is three database web hosting that is used frequently.

They are:

Access web hosting or “access database hosting” and these all hosting permit you to use MS access as your web database. But if you want to use access database web hosting then you should have windows environment as it only works on windows and not on UNIX and Linux. If you have a small website and need database backend then you should use MS access database for your small business site as it is an entry-level database but if you want that many visitors are hitting your access database then you can upgrade it to MySQL database or to MS SQL database web hosting.

MySQL Database Web Hosting:

MySQL offers you to access online MySQL database. And this is much better than that of MS-Access and MS SQL web hosting as it can work smoothly on windows as well as on UNIX environment so you are running MySQL database then you can have any of the operating systems on your computer. MySQL is an open basis database as it can perform the functions and provide some features of access and SQL server but MySQL is not as prompt as MS SQL server then also it is widely used as web hosting database for websites who has an enormous amount of visitors and customers.

MS SQL Server Database Web Hosting:

MS SQL Server Database web hosting offers you to use MS SQL server database. But this MS SQL server database also works on windows environment only so again do not work on UNIX and Linux operating system if you need MS SQL server database as your requirement. This MS SQL server database is a project level database and it can hold thousands of coexisting users and will be appropriate for you as a database for any of the websites.

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