For search engines visibility of any website/blog is very important. Users are always trying to increase visibility of their website at search engines. The process used to make better ranking of website at search engines called as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Excellent ranking plays an important role to earn money.

SEO has different types of techniques provides platform to WebPages bringing internet program. User need to optimize website readable by web spiders on priority based. The term SEO refers to business communities getting projects in making user's website on top ranking at search engines. Importance of SEO can be analyzed by website ranking of desired search engine while searching particular keyword.

Many search engines are providing guidelines about their recent coding and changing. Webmasters can learn from sitemaps of Google to solve problem of indexing of website. On internet many tools are available to find traffic rate on website.

SEO can be differentiated based on white hat and black hat techniques. Black hat techniques help in ranking of website visible for short time. White hat are real and right technique providing long term visibility on search engines. Websites which are optimized through black hat will be blocked within no time span.

There are two kinds of techniques for website optimization on-site and off-site tactics. Each has important role providing visitors to website. Offsite SEO plays vital role and external platforms are used to get huge traffic on website. Following are the ways to mange off-site SEO techniques:

Directories of Articles

System is crushed by latest Panda updates of cultivating links at various forums. Article directories don’t help in building links on website. For SEO purpose these can be strong source to create back links through article. Link farms are used to post back links in huge amount to any website.

Most top directories like Goarticles, Ezine famous sources having strong back link for website. Major advantage of SEO through article directories, that particular traffic is provided regarding website rather than general traffic. An article submission on top directories contribute important thing on internet.


It is essential to engage users in some useful things if anyone wants response at his blog. Many web 2.0 platforms can be savior of website. Visibility of blog depends on search channel mostly but entertainment factor provided by Web2 make site visible. Blogs and Wikis are content management systems of Web2 are good source making website alive. These two are textually rich, interlinked and regularly updated.

Guest Blogging

This is one of the best tools making website visible in search engines. It is a technique by which user gets best results. No extra links will be posted on webpage during guest posting. According to people's point of view increased back links provide more SEO for website. Extra links posting is not beneficial for SEO but posting content on web page contributes quality thing on web. Blogs of different kinds have their own grammatical rules. User has to read all rules of guest post before contributing anything on website, so that they give according to their rules. Anyone can't replace quality content written on website and this can be best source for SEO along with back links.

Theme with SEO Optimizing

Search engines and target audience will provide target users by optimizing websites theme. One need to design website in SEO optimized way. To make website visible user has to focus on themed topic thread for search crawlers. Website would lose the chances getting read by search engines without optimized themes. Themes will help in reading website easily. There should not be repetitive keywords so that search crawlers can easily recognize the keyword.