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List of Live Chat Software

Live chat is beneficial to employers and as well as to employees. It will let an employer to get the more customer base and employee to interact with a client while sitting in an air-conditioned office. Since customers can ask their questions and knowing someone will answer instead of a robotic response. That will then lead to increase in sales. So what is the best live chat software out there that will give you the edge in your business? Many are called, but few are chosen. So here are live chat software’s that will blow your competition out of the water. Note that these are selected because of reviews and popularity.

• 1. It is one of the known names in the list of live chat software. It is Not only available free of cost but also accessible at an affordable price. There are lots of features and ease with the software as an individual can download and use this software on mobile as well.

• 2. User like Chat A user like is a solid choice for Chat Solutions. A few tweaks to the code of your website then the chat will activate. The graphical interface is friendly and easy and quite eye-catching so that might as well attract customers. It also features mobile support which fits mobile screen sizes. A user like is an excellent software that offers a fourteen-day trial which is free. Everyone loves free, so might as well try that before buying.

• 3. Snap Engage It is much like User like Chat. But this live chat solution software has the edge on its interface. The easier to use, is always the better to opt. It comes up with a fifteen-day trial. Although not as attractive as User like, ease of use got the best of it. Graphics is sacrificed for performance.

• 4. Live Help Now Customization: That why it made the top 3 spot. If your live chat software can customize the way you talk to customers, you know you have the edge on communication. One good thing about Live Help Now is that it can be integrated into many programs to help your business grow. Among the many features it has, customer satisfaction would be the best. Live Help Now gives real-time Google translation, so no language is ever discriminated.

• 5. Zopim Although the interface is quite complicated, all in all, it is still one of the best choices for Live Chat Solutions. Because of its complexity, it is best suited for big businesses. A visible change doesn’t come up free, so either you buy the premium or stick to the default. Mobile chatting is great and significantly improved. With the right price, this will boost your business. Better yet buy the premium.

• 6. Live Chat As the name says it, Live Chat gives both the user and customer the best Live Chat experience. The interface is very great, easy, and fun. Setup only requires a sign-up and a simple copy/paste, after that, everything will run. Graphics can be changed if you are aiming for grabbing someone’s eye. It comes up with 16$ per month, cheap and affordable for your live chat needs.


There you have it, note that this is not an official list, and their rankings may vary from user to user.

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