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US servers are good in comparison to other

Why US based servers are good in comparison to servers of other geographical areas like Hongkong, Canada or UK

It is to be noted that the geographic location of your service provider’s servers has an insightful effect on the benefits you may receive. Mainly for the starters, it is good to select a virtual private network server which is close to their current location and which may significantly effects on the connection speed. With this if you want to enjoy other internet services as they are geographically restricted then you are required to subscribe to a server from that region.

US based servers are virtual private network servers which provide more security and privacy if compared to servers of other geographical areas like Hongkong, Canada or UK. They protect your internet connection in order to secure all the data which you're sending and receiving is encrypted and saved from prying eyes.

US target their residents and allow them to access particular content streaming sites like Hulu, Netfix,i-tunes, BBC iplayer, Youtube,Pandora by keeping them all in a particular geographic location and makes it difficult for non American people or non English people to access these websites. All these sites are geo blocked and accessed from the US only. For instance, If you are in Europe and you want to see any program via Netflix services then you may not be able to see the program as the site is geo blocked and may be accessed from the US and to access from Europe or any other country you are required to subscribe to a VPN service provider with servers in the US. So here we can say that US based servers i.e. virtual private network servers are good in contrast to other geographical areas servers.

US based servers are VPN servers whose free service allows the users to bypass censorship by providing them a new IP address. Actually free VPN server or high application and paid VPN servers offer the same services but free server does not provide us guarantee of security and privacy.

US based servers also allow you to download via torrent which is a very good method as it offers the advantages of speed and quality both without charging any extra cost. But if we talk about other geographical area like Hongkong, Canada or UK servers then these countries don’t allow torrent downloading, this is banned on the grounds that it infringes on copyright laws. So here US based servers are good as they consider the benefits of torrent downloading which other countries servers do not.

Latency across the US servers is very low because US based servers have the fiber network which ensures that data reaches its correct destination in few hops as possible. Their fiber network also allows you to achieve extremely high throughput from your server to other networks.

In general terms, US based servers provide unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth, anonymous IP address, PPTP-OpenVPN-L2TP, their location is very good, reasonable price, connectivity protocols.

VPN service providers in US especially mobile bundle their clients with anti-malware scanners so that you don’t download viruses or Trojans. It also offers anti-malware protection when you're shopping when you're connected.

US based servers provide you a consistent experience across all of your devices. They offer desktop and mobile solutions for individuals and schools and corporate.

Another benefit of servers based in US is that it saves your communication from eavesdropping and for this their providers provide you their logging policies before signing up so that you may trust the service provider with your data.

When we talk about US servers, it means Virtual private network server which has different protocols like SSL/TLS, referred to as open VPN support, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP and other VPN types. Among all these protocols SSL is commonly used and all these protocols provide a secure connection and said that most of the solutions are invisible to the end user.

Thus on the basis of the above points it may be said that US based servers are good in comparison to servers of other geographical areas like Hongkong, Canada or UK because all the above services are provided by US servers.

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