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Secure Login for Employees

Digital Workspace – Secure Login

Secure Login for Employees in Business MobilityThe business expects topmost secrecy of work from employees. For that, the company invests in providing a secure login and remote access to application or desktop to which modern workforce adapt. The employees are present in offices and also engaged from the remote digitally. Hence, an office is not just four-walled building. It is beyond that in this modernized world where employees work from anywhere. For their work, they make use of various software-as-a-service or SaaS solutions installed on cloud infrastructure. The companies ensure the rapid provision and scaling, thus to bring better employee experience to meet customer needs. Also, best software and hardware provided so that there would be no loss of work time due to outdated software, bugs, and network errors.

The offices are also converted to high-tech buildings using intelligent technologies. The critical element which IT personnel most worries is the security of data, as it is getting accessed by employees working outside the building. The big branded companies have started using the machine learning to defend against external and internal security threats.

Employees Secure Login

The businesses need to play an essential role in protecting their organization's data.

  • Sensibly create security rules, tailor permission and assign services. Only few should have admin level rights, rest with normal individual logins.
  • Create separate unique usernames and passwords for each employee. The password should be lengthy containing letters (uppercase and lowercase both), numbers, and special characters.
  • Immediately change passwords and access for disgruntled or left employees. Only in exceptional cases, access to a proprietary system given, but keep eagle's eye on critical data.
  • Keep checking and monitoring log files for the activity, and it would help to curb business IT misuse. Who is accessing the data, when and take action when needed.
  • Enforce 2F (Two-Factor) Authentication: Provide numerical code, smart card, SMS on mobile or biometric scan after employee login with regular username and password.
  • Use a robust Password Manager on devices to securely store complex passwords in an encrypted virtual container. Only an employee need to remember a password for the PM to unlock it.