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The websites can receive maximum traffic through search engines. For that, there is a need to increase website visibility, to appear on the first page of natural results. Most SEO experts claim to understand the magical google algorithm and think, they can rank a website on any keyword. They think that they are capable of altering the website merit of the competition.

Google uses a complex algorithm to deliver the best possible results for a query. The results obtained reviewed for more than 200 factors. Hence it's a big challenge for a website to remain on the first page every time. Furthermore, Google keeps changing its algorithm to check the quality of results.

Sometimes SEO experts land on black hat techniques of link building, cloaking, spinning articles. Although their efforts bring an increase in website traffic for the short term, questions come, whether it is sustainable? If the user is not satisfied with site content quality, it leads to high bounce rate and low average session duration time.

The Google algorithm checks every website details like downtime, content, backlinks, shares, how much time a person spent on the site, and many such factors.

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