Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server (VPS, also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS). It is a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers. Each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its full-fledged operating system, and each server independently rebooted.

If you are not satisfied with services of shared hosting but cannot afford the price of a dedicated hosting, then you should switch to VPS Hosting because it allows you to access all the features of a dedicated hosting with the minimum cost. VPS provides great balance for your website because it works as a bridge between shared and dedicated hosting. A web developer or web hosting reseller can make a significant profit by awarding VPS hosting to all your clients.

Host your e-commerce site or corporate portal on reliable and robust Linux Virtual hosting plans.

Best VPS Hosting Providers

Advantages of Virtual Private Server

    • Best Performance and Security: Client get full root access and tools to make control over virtual space with dedicated resources
    • Secure, Stable & Robust: Client can also secure the VPS account by installing security firewalls and custom-built tools. Although, most providers provide unmatched security at an application and network level both. This makes the mission-critical site and IT assets free from hassles and vulnerabilities.
      Security is the most concentrating issue with any website. Each VPS has its private system files so your data is safe from other accounts. Another person cannot detect your online presence and cannot affect your operations. The main advantage that your website never affected by other VPS accounts.
    • Client get copy of operating system, Apache, DNS server and runs independently from others
    • Reboot server anytime
    • Scalable and flexible: Resources available as you get in dedicated hosting. Provides guaranteed CPU, Memory and network resources.
    • You do not need to pay any extra cost for these features.
    • Install any application compatible with OS because you get full root access.
    • Scalability is another important benefit of VPS hosting. A client can upgrade VPS plan by adding resources like RAM and space during runtime. You can upgrade anytime to a dedicated server with available files and applications transfer.
    • Cost-Effective: All clients of VPS hosted on the same server are sharing the cost.
  • Hassle-Free: Client is free from maintenance, server management, monitoring and network downtime. These are done by the service provider. VPS provider has all necessary provisions, multiple telecommunication networks, IT components for better business functioning. To choose a VPS host that manages and owns data-center maintains N+1 redundancy is offering SLA on network availability which has competitive security modules.

Technology – Virtual Private Server

    • Virtuozzo: Multiple users isolated on same physical server
  • KVM:  A next-generation technology, can run an isolated copy of OS of choice, offers an open choice of operating systems, high performance, and higher security.

Customers – Virtual Private Server

  • Organizations running customized applications

Managed Virtual Private Server

  •  It offers a deeper level of management by full-time system administrators.
  • Provider maintains and resolves all the issues. Hence provide greater security.

Advantages Over Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Dedicated Server hosting require big upfront payment
  • Maintenance required technical expertise

Target Customers: Small and Medium Size Companies and some large IT businesses

Virtual Private Server more Secure than Shared Hosting

A VPS has a more robust file system and is not shared. In Shared Hosting, there is only one file system and hacker, once break into, can have access to all the sites.