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Latest News And Web Hosting Review Edgeserv

EdgeServ: Company Overview

EdgeServ was started in the year 2011. Company always wants to maintain a good relationship between customers. The main aim of the company is to provide effective and reliable webhosting solution at a reasonable rate. It includes c Panel, it is very popular web based control panel, and it is easy to use. The company always offers their customer with quality hosting services. They can take advantages of the added features of their services from free script to help customer to build the perfect website. They always consider their clients as a partner and treat them in that way. Its terms and policy are always acceptable; this is an essential part of customer’s relationship with EdgeServ. Their plan is uptime and no longer need to worry about downtime and they always assure that customer’s website will be running all the time. They have right to increase the amount of resources given to plan at any time. This is one of the honest hosting company.

Reliability and Performance Uptime

The company always gives reliability and always responsible to provide maximum uptime to their customer site. All of the hosting plans are guarantee to have 99.9% uptime. It means that client’s website will be up and running 99.9% of the time of each month and clients should not worry about their website, if clients website are not available 99.9% of the time in a given months, then in that situation company will credit the amount of downtime to the client’s next month’s hosting fee.

Plan and Pricing

The company offers easiest and most profitable webhosting solution. Their plans will allow you to host more than one site and accounts under your own brand name; you can host friend and family website as well as yours clients website. People can start their own business without having any earlier expertise and without having the fortune.

Features and Control Panel

EdgeServ has included c panel with its entire Linux webhosting plan. As we know that c panel is very popular web based control panel, fully featured and easy to use. It’s allowing people to have complete control over the website. C panel always give a full control over website. It gives people the ability to manage every aspect of their website, it always include mail accounts, backup, FTP accounts, subdomain, MySQL database, cron job, protected directories and file.


Customer service agents are composed of hardworking individuals all committed to provide people with the most efficient and reliable service. People can get in touch 24/7 anywhere; they may be anytime of the day and night at any day of the week.


There are no hidden costs or setup fee that people need to pay. This is an honest company; people can upgrade their website at any time.


No bill credit will be provided for a period of suspension.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If people are not happy with any aspect of their services, in that case they can contact their support department. If they are not satisfied with the service then this is the responsibility of the company to refund within 30 days. Under any circumstances refund are not available for domain name, no refunds are provided for VPS and dedicated server. Only one order will be refunded per person, any funds sent to EdgeServ which are in excess of amount owned can only be repayed in credit and cannot be refund.


EdgeServ always giving reliable and well-organized webhosting solution at cheap and reasonable amount.

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